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    “If you are a beautiful woman, you can marry a rich guy, so you don’t have to work hard,” says my mentor, “Only women who look like me must work so hard.”

    My mentor is a 45-year-old lady, a very capable public speaker and published author from the United Kingdom. She is a high achiever who runs a wildly successful business which operates in Europe and America. She isn’t ugly, but she is certainly not a pretty woman because she is overweight.

    But whenever she talks about dating and relationships, she literally says she would rather be a beautiful woman because being a tough woman doesn’t make her happy. So, the question is: Why do wealthy men prefer beautiful women (rather than successful women)?

    • Men are biologically programmed to like beautiful ladies.

    Frankly, all straight men are attracted to pretty ladies, and there is nothing wrong with that because that’s just men’s natural tendency – their DNA wants to survive and reproduce, and choosing the ideal partner is a basic instinct.

    In western countries, there aren’t a lot of good-looking women, as obesity is quite common and most women dress for comfort only. Consequently, beauty is relatively rare these days.

    Therefore, only men who have resources, status and wealth can date beautiful women. That’s why you have noticed that rich men prefer pretty women.

    Indeed, the average Joe’s wife is usually a fat woman with short hair, wearing glasses. This is so sad but so true in most western countries nowadays.

    Truthfully, the real reason why a lot of men want to become successful is because they fundamentally know that hot women like rich men – pretty women don’t want poor men. This is the raw truth that people tend to avoid talking about in mainstream culture.

    When men are talking to each other, they are actually competing with each other in a way because all of them want to be the best so that they can get the most sought-after partner. Yes, psychologists claim that men are motivated by love. Does that surprise you?

    • Hot women usually have access to successful men.

    In reality, what kind of women can meet wealthy guys? If a woman isn’t a model, actress, pop star, beauty queen or PR executive, chances are she doesn’t even know one wealthy man in her social circle because her social circle and a wealthy guy’s social circle doesn’t have an intersection.

    By contrast, hot girls are more likely to meet wealthy men because hot women are treated differently – if you are a hot girl, the model agency may discover you. If the model agency doesn’t find you, a movie director will possibly find you. If a movie director doesn’t find you, you can become an Instagram star or a popular YouTuber, right?

    All of these activities give a beautiful woman publicity. Note that the real difference between a talented wannabe and a talented celebrity is publicity!

    Now once a gorgeous woman has publicity, it doesn’t matter who she knows; it’s all about who knows her! That means many men know her because of her fame and some of these men are rich men.

    That’s exactly why almost all female celebrities are married to successful men!

    Hence, if you are the average Jane, it’s time to upgrade your attractiveness – there is a difference between objective beauty and perceived beauty. Let me explain.

    Objective beauty is all about symmetry and how sexy you are objectively, whereas perceived beauty is all about how you are perceived by men, meaning you can boost your perceived beauty by wearing makeup, improving your fashion and working on your body language, accent as well as manners.

    You can consult with a personal stylist or go to a finishing school to enhance your perceived beauty effectively, thereby attracting rich men quickly.

    • Wealthy men and pretty women are more sexually compatible.

    It turns out that women are more likely to experience orgasm when they are sleeping with wealthy guys, according to a recent study in Australia and New Zealand. Meanwhile, we all know that men are more turned on by good-looking women.

    Thus, it can be seen that rich guys and hot girls are the perfect match organically.

    Research conducted in the European Union shows that most rich guys have mastered the art of lovemaking which is actually choreographed from start to finish in order to heighten the senses and prolong intimate pleasure. Obviously, only when a rich man is sleeping with a hot girl can he be so dedicated to this art form.

    Furthermore, a guy with a lot of money has the resources to do more psychological foreplay because he can afford to create a romantic setting, a fancy dinner with beautiful candles, an expensive gift that turns his girlfriend on and an upscale bedroom full of high-end products. All of these contribute to psychological foreplay which is a very important part of intimacy – women need more time to warm up. Because rich men are able to do all of those, beautiful women can enjoy sexual pleasure at a much higher level than average women with ordinary looks.

    In conclusion, rich men prefer beautiful women because they can afford to date hot girls and they have the abilities to make gorgeous ladies happy, satisfied and pleased. No wonder a dating site like MillionaireMatch has so many successful men and good-looking women.

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