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    date a millionaire

    In contemporary society, Internet dating is the go-to method for wealthy individuals to look for love because successful people highly value their time.

    Business coach Derek Moneyberg famously said, “I’ve never met a successful person who doesn’t value their time!” Yes, because online dating is efficient and effective, this approach saves a lot of time. That’s exactly why millionaires and billionaires choose online dating sites such as MillionaireMatch.

    • The most important thing that you must know when it comes to dating a millionaire online:

    Rich men are not dumb. There is a reason why they are rich – they are smart. Therefore, if you think you can sleep with a rich man for money, then you are wrong. Note that rich men are very intelligent, so they know what you are up to when you are dating them, okay? That means the majority of rich guys wouldn’t be used by gold-diggers. Period.

    When you are looking to date a successful guy, please ask yourself this question in the first place: “What can I offer a rich man? Why would a rich guy want to date me?”

    This isn’t the most pleasant question in the world, but it’s a paramount question because it helps you to clarify the uncomfortable truth: dating is all about value exchange.

    As a matter of fact, almost every rich person understands value exchange because they don’t allow any one-way street to happen in their life. In reality, most successful individuals are surrounded by people who are asking for things from them, so it’s harder for a successful person to find a genuine relationship. As a result, if you don’t ask for things from a rich guy, he will find this dating experience very refreshing. I know this sounds counterintuitive, but please let me explain: He will definitely like you more because you don’t ask for favors & in the long term, you will surely benefit from this sustainable long-term relationship as he will probably marry you!

    • Dating a billionaire online is the next level.

    Chances are you have heard of Fifty Shades of Grey, right? Well, maybe you’ve read the book or seen the movie. I’m not saying that story must be a realistic representation of how to date a billionaire, but we can certainly learn a thing or two from Fifty Shades of Grey.

    First of all, Christian Grey is a 27-year-0ld billionaire who is into BDSM. He is young, handsome, extremely rich and wildly successful. He knows how to dominate a woman in the bedroom and that is what Anastasia enjoys. Basically, his sexual relief allows his energy to surge into making more and more money; similarly, making more money allows this rich guy to have more intimacy when it best serves his needs as well!

    So, that means billionaires are much more likely to savor the tantalizing pleasure of BDSM than millionaires!

    Second, incredibly wealthy men are very romantic. I know this might surprise you, but truthfully, most extremely rich guys are sentimental about everything in terms of dating attractive women. From the moment you met and music that was playing in the background to what you were wearing… it is all very sentimental and meaningful to a very rich man. Here is why: because a billionaire does not need to worry about money anymore – this guy has set up a system which automates his business, meaning he is not working for his money (his money is working for him: he hires employees and managers to automate his company & he invests in real estate and the stock market so that his money works for him). As a result, he has the bandwidth to build a satisfying love life.

    Next, if you are actually going to marry a billionaire, please don’t let a pre-nup keep you from a wonderful marriage that can benefit your life in a tremendous way. Yes, signing a pre-nup isn’t the most romantic thing in the world, but this guy’s family will ask him to do it in order to protect their wealth. My suggestion is you should sign the pre-nup and just get happily married because if you marry the average Joe who doesn’t show you a pre-nup, you’ll live an average life.

    • Bonus tips:

    1) Do not join a completely free dating website because a 100% free dating site does not have millionaire bachelors. Totally free dating sites are full of broke dudes who are looking to window shop while pretending that they can afford to date beautiful women like you. Let’s think about it: if a guy can’t even invest in his love life, he is probably a bottom feeder or very cheap. End of story.

    2) Join reliable and reputable millionaire dating sites such as MillionaireMatch where legitimate candidates that you like are active members. In this way, this high-quality dating site is an organic filter which gives you the fast-track to your dream guy.

    3) When you are on the right dating website, please remember that it’s your job to start conversations with qualified bachelors because in life you either wait or create. You can wait until someone approaches you and decide whether that person is the right guy or not. You can also create opportunities to go for exactly your type, which is much more empowering than waiting for something to happen. Do you agree?

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