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    In our grandparents’ generation, women could find love easily. At that time, women didn’t have jobs, so there weren’t any “successful women”. But today, there are a lot of rich women and they can hardly ever find true love. Why is this happening?

    • What feminism actually does to women, men and the society:

    My grandmother didn’t have a job, but my grandfather was able to financially support his entire family and buy a house with his income.

    Today, most women have jobs. Even though a guy and his wife are both employed, they still find it very difficult to buy a house. That means the average salary is actually lower now.

    Therefore, the surprising conclusion is: feminism sends women to the labor force so that there are many more people in the labor force. As a result, the average salary has to be lower nowadays. Basically, the Establishment has been using feminism to make more profit. Sad but true.

    Because of feminism, the family law (divorce law) in western countries do not support men. As a consequence, a lot of men have fear of commitment. Since more and more men do not want to get married in this day and age, the No. 1 question that women are asking when it comes to dating and relationships is: “How to secure the ring?”

    So, if fewer men want to marry women, how does the current family law help women? Obviously, the divorce law isn’t helping women either.

    In general, the Establishment’s agenda is to use feminism and homosexuality for financial reasons, thereby lowering the birth rate. In this way, the Establishment has an excuse to promote globalism and send immigrants & refugees to western countries – when people from Third-world countries are joining the labor force, the average salary can be even lower!

    • Feminism has created many rich women who are very, very lonely.

    A woman’s natural state is to marry up because every woman is biologically programmed to be hypergamous. That’s old news.

    In today’s day and age, this is a rich woman’s reality: She is wealthy, so she expects to marry a wealthier guy. She doesn’t want to marry down, which is totally understandable.

    But if we look at a different scenario, we will get an interesting finding: A rich man can date whoever he wants because his standard is to meet the hottest woman rather than the richest woman.

    However, a rich woman’s options are quite limited – she can only date richer men because most men who are not doing well feel intimidated by her success!

    Well, you may argue that some rich women are dating toy boys. Yes, that can happen, but they are probably not married to their toy boys. Most toy boys only want to have casual relationships with successful women; they don’t want to marry these ladies. Full stop.

    Consequently, a large number of wealthy women suffer from loneliness. Never underestimate the power of loneliness.

    • The status quo of most wealthy ladies:

    Realistically, the majority of wealthy women are high achievers who have more masculine energy than feminine energy. Let me explain.

    I know a strong woman who runs a wildly successful online business in the United States. She is married to an average guy. She once told me that she oftentimes feels sad because she secretly hopes that her husband can make more money. Yet unfortunately, she runs a multi-million-dollar business, whereas her husband has a 9-to-5 dead-end job. This woman is “happily married” in public. However, in fact, she is unhappy and unsatisfied.

    That’s a typical successful woman who shows more masculine energy than feminine energy. When she did the love language test with her husband, the result indicates that her love language is act of service and her husband’s love language is quality time. Further examination reveals that this rich woman focuses on things and facts (masculine energy), whilst her husband focuses on feelings and emotions (feminine energy).

    As I’m writing this article right now, this couple are still married. But they probably have nothing in common. In most western countries, the divorce rate is 50%. Amongst the remaining 50% who are married, most of them are actually unhappily married. No wonder a divorce lawyer literally said, “The failure rate of marriages is actually 80% in western countries.” This is the uncomfortable truth that most people don’t want to talk about.

    Also, when a rich woman is dating a less successful guy, money becomes the elephant in the room, meaning they avoid talking about money as money is a taboo topic in western culture. Hence, the more they avoid talking about personal finances, the worse the long-term situation gets – that’s exactly how manipulation starts in most relationships and the No. 1 reason for divorce / breakup is money, according to a major study in North America and Europe in 2020.

    • The authentic conclusion:

    Indeed, it’s very difficult for successful women to find love because they have high expectations that most guys can’t meet. Furthermore, a lot of average men want to date rich women for other reasons, e.g. to get a promotion, to receive financial support, to access a powerful network, etc. Thus, some lonely women may be used by certain guys for reasons that they are not aware of.

    In summary, a rich woman would be well-advised to join MillionaireMatch where there are lots of rich men who are qualified candidates rather than useless losers.

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