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    Rich Men and Rich Women

    Romance and wealth, the two most important topics in our society, influence our happiness in tremendous ways. Now I’m going to share several rich men and rich women’s insights into romance and wealth with you today, so you are in for a treat! You are welcome.

    • There are certain romantic things that you can only know and experience if you have wealth.

    “I didn’t know I could live a jet-setting lifestyle until I met my husband John,” says Phoebe, a beautiful woman who is married to a wealthy man, “We were traveling the world when we were dating – He took me to Paris, London, Sydney, Auckland, Tokyo and Hong Kong. I remember on my 26th birthday, he took me to Hawaii for a surprise birthday party on the beach. I’ll never forget that.” Phoebe got to know and date her rich husband on Millionaire Match. Millionaire Match, the first millionaire dating site since 2001, help rich men and women to meet the real millionaires who have verified their income

    That means the fundamental difference between the average Jane and a wealthy woman is a gap of experience.

    All high-powered money men that I have interviewed are undaunted by elegant ladies’ expensive nature. At the end of the day, money is a part of what an individual has to give in a romantic relationship & to give money that’s valued is to give of oneself.

    Indeed, wealthy men and wealthy women can express their give-and-take of ‘self’ in romantic relationships through fancy, lavish, romantic settings, and with fantastic grandeur of artistic expression that only money can offer. The rich are able to afford to give the best of themselves and to experience the best of themselves.

    • When wealth is solid, almost everything else in a romantic relationship becomes better.

    In mainstream western culture, money is probably a taboo topic. As a consequence, many people avoid talking about money in their love lives. But that’s exactly why financial dispute is the No. 1 reason for divorce in nearly every country in the world. And the most basic level of needs is physiological needs (food & shelter); the second level of needs is safety (including financial security); the next level of needs is love.

    So, when the second level of needs is not met (money is an issue), people don’t want love anymore as everybody must have financial safety before they can begin to look for true love. That also explains why wealthy men and wealthy women are more genuine when it comes to dating and relationships – they don’t need anything from other people; they just want to find authentic love.

    “My advice is to make sure you and your spouse are on the same page in terms of money. Have a candid discussion with your spouse about personal finances and figure out each other’s value systems in this aspect,” says Ben, who met a rich woman on Millionaire Match and got married, “Perhaps one individual would like to save a large percentage of their household income, whereas the other individual prefers having an organic facial and a deep recovery massage in an upper-class spa twice a week. In that case, they will have problems in their romantic relationship. Hence, a couple would be well-advised to discuss this in a straightforward way.”

    Ben also suggests that couples should have a clear financial blueprint that is actionable and practical. For instance, a couple save and invest 40% of their annual income and spend 20% of their annual income as ‘play money’ – this part can be spent guilt-free. Truthfully, almost every rich man and every rich woman that I know have a financial plan.

    Yes, when money is great, everything else in a relationship seems to be a bit easier

    • The quality of sensual experience in the bedroom can be enhanced by wealth.

    In actuality, does wealth affect an individual’s intimacy in the bedroom? Well, it certainly does (and on a variety of subtle levels). Obviously, the stress over personal finances could slow down the libido; and the reverse is equally as true: the abundance of money is able to powerfully liberate sexual expression in bed. Let me explain.

    First of all, wealth allows rich men and rich women to invest in their love lives, thereby creating the quality of sensual experience they want.

    Second, money deeply affects the mindset of wealthy men and wealthy women with a permission-level which is also known as ‘entitlement’.

    Therefore, this combination of entitlement and investing generates genuine happiness, unlimited pleasure and infinite bliss in the bedroom.

    Apparently, wealth allows affluent men and women to personalize their intimate interactions to their individual preferences and styles. Wealth also creates the texture of a love life in the context, romance and partners. Quite frankly, wealth can be an enticement to participants for more fun.

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