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    “That guy can’t handle a successful and powerful woman.” When a successful woman is rejected by a guy, she tends to protect her own feelings through bragging about the qualities she has. However, in reality, these qualities are usually what guys don’t want in a woman. Please let me explain.

    • Rich women dating advice: A popular woman is almost always a feminine lady.

    Is a strong woman ready to use her strength to fight anyone in order to keep her husband, kids and relatives safe? Probably no. But a strong man is ready for that. Truthfully, the real masculinity that feminists like to complain about nowadays is exactly what kept women alive thousands of years ago, and which continue to keep women safe via the male-dominated areas of law enforcement and military.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying women are inferior to men – honestly, women have many amazing qualities that men don’t have.

    Actually, what men are madly, deeply attracted to is femininity, beauty and loyalty. No matter how rich a woman is, she still needs to be feminine, beautiful and loyal in order to become a truly successful woman.

    • The real reason why many rich women struggle with romance:

    Realistically, a woman needs only enough independence and strength to find a guy who has genuine independence and strength. That means a lady should pursue career success that can allow her to maintain her good looks and ensure she has what she needs to live a reasonably good life. Beyond that, a lady is expending her energy and time on things that will not increase her chances of marrying a good guy. Here is why –

    Men work hard so that they can be considered attractive mates (not because men like getting stuck in an unsexy office for many hours per month, but because men already know that ladies don’t want a poor guy). In other words, men work hard because they have to work hard.

    In contrast, many modern women begin working at a young age simply because they have been sold a false bill of goods that a successful career will be more fulfilling than starting a family with a good man. Yet as a matter of fact, once a woman’s career satisfies all of her needs, she doesn’t need a guy to provide for her anymore. That’s exactly why she will want to find high-status men. Sadly, a lot of successful women confuse high-status men with guys who don’t even care about them. Consequently, these ladies end up in terrible relationships that can’t lead to marriage at all.

    If a lady’s financial status were lower, she literally needs a good man so as to lead a stable and comfortable life, so she wouldn’t pay attention to bad boys, the alpha Chad or a starving artist. Hopefully this makes sense.

    But the more successful a rich woman’s career is, the more likely she will look for toxic relationships with men who never commit to her. That is to say, the more comfortable and stable a woman is financially, the more she will gravitate towards seeking guys who excite her instead of looking after her. This is sad but true.

    • Rich women dating in modern-day society: the unconventional conclusion

    Another sign that a woman’s financial success is not essential for a sustainable and healthy marriage is to ask what would happen if a successful woman lost her job and couldn’t get another high-profile job. Would her husband leave her? It’s quite unlikely. Personally, I've never heard of a case where a guy left his wife just because she didn’t have a job.

    Okay. Let’s look at the opposite situation where a guy loses his job and can’t find another one. Will his wife leave him? In actuality, not only will his wife leave him, but you can expect that she will leave him within 3 years.

    These two scenarios indicate that guys don’t really value a lady who has financial success nearly as much as a lady values a guy who has career success. Frankly, if a guy says his wife’s financial status is important to him, that’s usually because he isn’t masculine enough to take care of his family on his own. Does anyone find a guy like that attractive?

    In summary, a successful woman won’t find lasting fulfillment through a successful career. Indeed, ladies who are looking for providers will always prefer men with a successful career; nevertheless, a guy looking for a wife is much less likely to. The more a guy asks questions about a lady’s career blueprint, the more likely he is more concerned about cash than marriage. Whenever this happens, these successful and rich women are more willing to seek some like-minded people with the same wealthy and status on some affluent and decent dating websites. On Millionaire Match, both successful women and professional men are seeking the trusted and loyal relationship partners.

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