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    Entrepreneur Dating

    If you’re one of the rich single women out there looking for a match who’s on your level, entrepreneurs are likely on your radar. Some women might hesitate in dating entrepreneurs because of their reputation, however. Entrepreneur dating is fraught with peril, because for entrepreneurs, managing and building their businesses is their top, and for many, their only priority.

    Changing business models and the rise of startup culture has wrecked many social lives and driven a wedge between boyfriends and girlfriends. But that shouldn’t turn you off completely from entrepreneurs. While there are many who exemplify everything that others think is wrong with entrepreneur dating, not all entrepreneurs are undatable, especially if you use these entrepreneur dating tips for rich single women:

    Entrepreneur Dating 101: Be Flexible

    Entrepreneurs rarely work a nine-to-five schedule. For many entrepreneurs, shedding a typical work schedule is one reason they decided to start their own company in the first place. In the beginning stages of getting to know someone, it’s important to keep your schedule flexible. Make plans farther in advance than you normally would, so an entrepreneur has time to make your one-on-one dates work.

    Prioritize Your Personal Life, Rich Single Women

    Before you even enter a new relationship with an entrepreneur, ask yourself if you have the time to make a relationship work. Rich single women are often thought of as having fully open schedules, which you know is not true. Put a few things on the back burner for now so you have the flexibility to date an entrepreneur.

    Prioritize Fun

    Make fun dates your go-to option for spending time together. Find out what you have in common and what you like to do for fun. Then you can try a few activities the other party finds fun and vice versa. This way you’ll get to know each other better and associate fun times with the other person.

    Don’t Wait

    The demise of many relationships between rich single women and entrepreneurs often comes when you simply can’t put up with the insane hours entrepreneurs work. Don’t wait for an entrepreneur to make time for you. Focus on your own things when they’re working and communicate openly about your schedule so that you can create time to spend together. Your life is also busy, don’t let an imbalance of one always waiting for the other develop.

    Find Ways to Help Them “Turn Off”

    Entrepreneurs are always on. They work long hours building their business, and even when they’re not working, they’re thinking about how to be better, how to sell more products, etc. It’s a very stressful and tiring profession, and most entrepreneurs don’t realize the toll their lifestyle has on their bodies and minds until it’s too late.

    Instead of trying to force an entrepreneur to “turn it off” when they’re with you, be proactive. Find things to do that you both find relaxing. Find ways to distract them from their work for a few hours. They may be resistant at first, but when they realize the value of what you’re trying to do for them, they’ll come around.

    Make Your Dates Worth Their Time

    Probably the biggest concern of entrepreneurs is judging whether any activity is worth their time. They have to do several things at once most of the time, so their concern is valid. This is why it’s important to plan ahead and communicate openly and often. Then you can start planning activities together that you both enjoy and will be worth their thinly stretched time.

    Be Open and Tell the Truth

    Honesty is usually the best medicine for any potential conflict in a relationship you might come across. You’d be surprised by how many difficult situations are created because both parties are misinformed about each other.

    Above All, Communicate

    Rich single women often have the same problems with relationships as everyone else. Communication is key. Learning to communicate with one another is the bedrock of any relationship, romantic or platonic. When it comes to entrepreneur dating, communication might be even more important than it is in dating anyone else. Make plans together, share your feelings, and don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. At the very least, even if the relationship doesn’t work out long term, you know where you stand.

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