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    dating a doctor

    The anatomy of dating a doctor: an incredibly rewarding experience for everyone involved. Here are the best perks of dating a doc.

    Doctors are some of the most respected professionals on the planet. They’re compassionate, driven, intelligent, and are held accountable to rigid standards of excellence. Being a doctor provides one of the highest incomes across all industries, and affords opportunities exclusive to high earners.

    With all of that going for them, what’s it like to date a single doctor?

    The 9 Best Things About Dating a Doctor

    1. Doctors know how to party

    Doctors work hard and play hard. With long, often grueling hours, a doctor’s schedule is not an enviable thing. It’s almost guaranteed that a single doctor has a busier schedule than you, so when a shift is done, it’s time to unwind. Whatever the un-wind period looks like is up to you and your partner to be creative, fun and recharge after a long day.

    2. Bodily functions don’t weird them out

    There’s often steadfast barriers in place at the beginning of a relationship around what is permissible to share with one another, that once crossed, cannot be undone. Luckily, doctors have seen it all. They’ve probably smelled, heard and felt it all, as well, but you catch the drift. So while bodily functions may be new to your relationship, they won’t be new to a doctor, which may soften the blow when it’s time to cross that bridge.

    3. Spontaneity is a virtue

    With unpredictable schedules, the best laid plans may be laid to waste if something comes up in the office or hospital that keeps your doctor from coming home on time. When doctor dating, the opportunity this presents is mastering the art of flexibility. Pivot! Learning to change gears and still make the best of a situation is going to be crucial to get comfortable with, since altered plans will be inevitable.

    4. Everything is put in perspective

    Keeping things in perspective isn’t a skill that most people just have, innately. Often, it takes practice, and we don’t actually learn to keep a healthy perspective until we’re presented a real-life situation where a perspective shift is required. So when you’re at the end of a long day and you hear about the gut-wrenching procedure that did not go as planned and it was your partner’s responsibility to share the news with the patient’s family, maybe the fact that the barista only added one cream instead of two into your morning coffee doesn’t seem so earth-shattering. Perspective truly is everything.

    5. You learn practical skills, like the best way to remove a blood stain

    While doctors don’t make it a habit of dealing with copious amounts of blood outside of the work setting, there are some skills that are transferable should the occasion arise. White vinegar, STAT!

    6. Patience permeates everything

    As we mentioned above about perspective, patience is one of those things that you learn by doing. When dating a doctor, there’s ample opportunity to practice patience. From text messages that don’t get replied to immediately, to dark nights when they just can’t shake the weight of the day, patience is key. While the process can feel tedious, dating a doctor and learning to be patient in the big and small moments is rewarding, and leads to honest, open communication, which is the cornerstone of any lasting relationship. If you’re going to invest in a relationship with a doctor, intentionally finding ways to practice and strengthen communication will pay dividends in the long run.

    7. Lifestyle options are wide open

    Once all the schooling is complete, and a doctor is officially practicing, that’s when the money starts to flow. While every person is different, and the big house with the big car with the big pool is certainly not a given or a requirement of the job, it’s possible and more easily attainable with a doctor’s salary. The real perk is having the financial freedom to create and live the life you desire.

    8. Education opportunities for your kids

    Are kids in the cards for you? One of the perks of the financial freedom afforded a doctor is the opportunity to provide their children access to educational opportunities. This could be private schooling and personal instruction when the kids are young, or it could mean saving away a healthy and robust nest egg for post-secondary education when the time comes.

    9. By-proxy medical degree

    Call it osmosis if you want, but mere proximity to a doctor’s knowledge base will certainly rub off on a dating partner. Any profession comes with industry jargon, acronyms, and best practices, and the medical field is certainly no exception. This is especially true when watching anything medical as depicted on TV or in movies. You can guarantee that any procedure, medicine order, hospital protocol, or instrument setup in a patient’s room will be critiqued down to the very last bolus. You’ll be ready to scrub-in in no time.

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