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    Whether you are saying those three little words for the first time or setting the scene for reminding your lover how you feel, it's always nice to use a little foresight for finding the best places to say the deeply felt I Love You. You might want a low-key, but the romantic venue, such as the shower or your bed. Or it could be a romantic dinner for two at home with a homemade music mix that includes a few of your mutually favorite love songs playing in the background as a prelude for what's to come.

    If you're still deciding whether to go cutesy, sexy or funny, our suggestion is to stay on the sexy-loving side of things. There's nothing better to a man than a slow-sexy kiss that gets him completely turned on before you whisper sweet nothings into his ear. Save funny for your 15th anniversary and only use cutesy if your man or woman is more on the shy than the wild side. Take it from us, you will both excite and delight your man if every inch of his body is waiting for your next play. It will be more meaningful... Guaranteed.

    Here are four of our favorite best places ideas we think will punctuate and enhance this particular milestone. Although we're giving you specific venues, these are concepts from which you can draw your own ideas.

    On a beach

    Zuma Beach in Malibu, California is considered one of the most beautiful and romantic beaches on the west coast. Strolling on the beach at sunset, whether it is a stroll on a lake, river or ocean will definitely have the same smooth and romantic effect. If you're nervous about sharing your feelings, remember love is the center of the universe and walking on the beach will help set the stage.

    Overlooking the ocean

    Finding the perfect vantage point where the two of you can can cuddle up under the stars is über romantic. One of our favorite places on the globe for romantic ocean views is Vancouver, British Columbia. Find one of many outlooks and set up your romantic evening with a few candles, a bottle of wine and your sexiest look. There are plenty of breakfast in beds or hotel locations overlooking the ocean in many of our U.S. States, so be creative. If you're in it for the overnight experience, be sure to find a place that has a patio or balcony where the most romantic mood can be created.

    On a gondola

    Venice, Italy has been one of the top locations for professing love. Whether it is a marriage proposal or simply a statement of undying and everlasting love, the environment sets the perfect mood. If you don't have the time or inclination to fly to Venice, Italy, consider the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa in Palm Desert, CA, which might be the second best. In fact, it is cleaner and has much less water traffic than its Italian counterpart. Make sure to give the gondolier your camera or camera phone so he can capture the moment!

    In the City of Love

    One of the sexiest places on the planet is Paris, France and considered romantic and the perfect place for "I love you". We agree that it is a bit of a stretch if you are busy or not a multi-millionaire who can fly impromptu in your private jet. If you love this idea but don't have the time, consider Las Vegas's Paris Las Vegas Hotel. It even has an Eiffel Tower. If Las Vegas isn't convenient, the Paris theme can be used at home, by decorating the table or bedroom with sexy silks and lots of twinkle lights to show off your best self in sexy Parisian lingerie.

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    Millionaire Relationship

    It's a fair bet to say that at one time or another every man and woman leaves a painful or poignant relationship. If you are someone who's got the relationship blues, read on.

    It is all a matter of perspective. Where you are now is not where you have been and most certainly not where you're going to be in the future. It still feels like you've sunk into a black hole, right? It's hard to notice anyone else or anything around, as minute-by-minute reflection takes over.

    What you need to understand right now is that in order to move forward, you have to snap out of it. No one wants to be around someone who can barely muster a smile. Remember confidence attracts and sadness detracts. So if you want to move on and find your successful match, take a hard read at the five steps we've outlined for you. We're sure the will get you out of your relationship slump.

    1. Remove the memories

    You may be appalled at this suggestion, but it is for your own good. The more you continue to play "your songs", look at his photos, belongings and gifts, the longer the blues will prevail. Unfriend him, un-link him and burn all of the bridges. If it is causing this much heartache, he is not someone who should remain in your circle of "friends".

    2. Activities with friends

    Friends can be a cure-all and true friends are there when you really need them. Although they are certainly there to commiserate with and lean on, this is not the time to use them as a listening ear, particularly if you are rehashing the past over and over. The best way to heal is to become acutely aware of events and activities that will make you feel excited and open to the future again. Go to a concert, out dancing or check out a local happy hour. These are good for re-entering your social life. You will be reminded of the fun you have been missing and want more.

    3. Time for a makeover

    Many women lose sight of themselves during and after a breakup. They start feeling less than gorgeous, funny and exciting. If this is you, stop now and recognize it is time to discover the next version of you. It's not that you weren't already perfect. It's just that new chapters require new perspectives. New perspectives and attitudes come easily after treating yourself to a new hairstyle, look and role model. So, glam up and never look back.

    4. Don't go backwards

    There will always be moments, even after your confidence boosts when you will feel like connecting with your ex in some way.  It might be due to unresolved issues, or that you have had a change of heart. Trust your actions and resist sinking into "what might have been or what might still be". It didn't work out for a reason, and, likely, more than one reason. Live in the present and look toward the future. Let history stay behind you.

    5. Laugh your sorrows away

    Instead of watching romantic movies and shows, we strongly urge you to focus on completely mindless comedies... the ones that make you laugh out loud. Youtube videos offer a comprehensive variety that will keep you laughing for days. Comedy clubs are also an outstanding reminder of just how much fun there is in "funny". It's also healthy to make an occasional joke about your past relationships. Look at it from a comedian's perspective and you'll find yourself laughing.

    We hope our five-step program has helped anyone whose got the relationship blues. According to our love experts, this little program will put you back on top. You'll be on fire and unstoppable again.