• How Video Dating Changed the Rules of Romance Posted by Admin

    Since the impact of COVID-19, the entire dating world has changed. Video dating has become essential and numerous platforms have adapted to accommodate the influx of demand for a face to face program, without the potential disease exposure.

    With a major shift like this, though, of course, the rules have changed just a bit to accommodate it. Everything has had to adapt to the onslaught of COVID-19, and so have we. Apps like Match.com, Bumble, and Hinge have all incorporated video calling features for their users to utilize and have video dates to replace the lack of regular in-person first dates.

    The implementation of video dating has led to the dating scene becoming significantly more casual. The dress code, in particular, has become laxer, and people aren’t expected to dress as well when they’re having dinner over FaceTime in the comfort of their own home.

    The casual nature of these video dates has also led to much more natural interaction, surprisingly, considering how impersonal a date may initially seem over video. It’s become easier for people to reach the “comfort zone”, as it’s called, with a new, prospective date through this novel dating culture.

    Dates have also become more creative since the use of video dating. People have had to come up with new ideas, and new creative ideas are expected. Instead of the traditional dinner and a movie, people have resorted to having a meal over FaceTime and discussing it that way or watching the same movie while on a video call. Some people even go on virtual museum tours together, or simply apartment tours instead. While dates have had to become more creative in nature, they’ve also become less formal, to the point that the old pressure that came with “First dates” has been lifted to an extent.

    Virtual dating has also led to the possibility of dating more people at once. Dating isn’t limited to one person at a time anymore, so one person can meet and talk to a few people at once if they want. This has been a great way for single people to meet new people, and if they didn’t click romantically, there were plenty of other dates to go on to make up for it!

    Video dating has also led to a heavier “screening” process for people. They spend more time beforehand talking to someone and then have a video date before even considering meeting them in person. This gives people a chance to filter out those with who they don’t connect before meeting them in person.

    In person dates have still been happening with the added accessory of a mask in between, but those dates have also had to become more creative to lower the risk of infection. These dates have also been more limited to the people whom they met online that they connected to more initially, so the in-person date is more serious. Before COVID-19, video dating wasn’t a common occurrence. In fact, it was practically unheard of to date this way, but after becoming so widespread, numerous people have claimed that video dating was something that was here to stay. Even once it’s possible to have those dinner dates again, there will still be plenty of people going on video dates.

    More people than ever before as well, have signed up for dating apps. Online dating has been immensely popular before COVID-19, but COVID-19 dating has led to an influx of dating app users who perhaps never would have considered using a dating app before. This is also largely why video dating has become quite so widespread as a medium to date and meet people.

    Video dating, and dating online isn’t a new thing, but with COVID-19 impeding the traditional dating culture, people have had to adapt. Despite having come along because of COVID, video dating has certainly become something that’s here to stay and has shifted the way that many people approach dating as a whole.

  • Boundaries to Set Before Dating a Busy Professional Posted by Admin

    In any relationship, or even before one, it’s crucial to set boundaries, priorities, and expectations for yourself and for your partner in order to create and maintain a healthy partnership. This is especially true when dating a professional who has a busy job, or who simply works often.

    Boundaries are what is, and isn’t okay within a relationship. It’s important to have these clearly defined when starting a relationship with someone who has other major priorities in their life to balance, like their work. These boundaries can keep limiting the disagreements or neglectful feelings that occur when someone works often, amongst other issues that can occur.

    A principal point to remember that although setting boundaries can feel awkward or uncomfortable, especially when explaining your boundaries to someone new, it helps to keep you from over-compromising and losing parts of yourself, or having your limits overstepped, which could lead to conflict.

    Every single person is different, so each of these boundaries that you create can and should be customized to you and what is okay for you and your partner. Finding a happy medium between the two of you, so you’re able to balance work and your romantic life is the key to a healthy relationship blooming.

    Creating an open line of communication from the beginning can be beneficial in helping to establish these boundaries with your partner, and expressing the things that either of you has to say. Communication is the most important thing in a relationship, and it’s even more crucial when dating a busy professional because of their schedule. Setting times when it’s okay to talk during the day, whether on the phone or over text, is something that should be settled ahead of time, especially for professional dating, so that neither partner oversteps their bounds. Some people simply want a separation from their work and their relationship, or they can’t be interrupted while they’re working. These aren’t the cases for every busy person, but they’re excellent examples of what boundaries could be based around, and why people need boundaries in this situation in the first place.

    One of the big issues with professional dating is that one or both people in the relationship is busy a significant amount of the time, which can limit the amount of time that you’re able to spend together. More than ever, people are working from home, so having set hours to your work schedule, or having a strict separation from work and home can make it easier for someone to have the time to make that life balance.

    With that, though, it’s important to maintain your own independence in your relationship. Just because your partner isn’t working at the moment, doesn’t mean that the two of you have to be together right then. Seeing each other at every free moment can become unhealthy and suffocating, so establishing a time to be alone, or to see friends or family instead of your partner is a boundary to set as well.

    While dating a professional, a lot of work-related stress can pile up. A helpful boundary to establish would be one that determines how the both of you will handle that stress, anger, frustration, or any other negative emotion that comes from a heavy workload. Those kinds of feelings can build up and create fights. Deciding instead amongst yourselves how to manage that beforehand will be favorable for the success of that relationship.

    The concept of PDA is a pertinent issue to discuss, especially for a professional. Deciding beforehand what you are and aren’t okay with in terms of how much PDA you allow, as well as finding out the same for your partner, will help in setting that boundary, because most of the time, the reputation and image of your partner is important in the workforce, and some forms of PDA could be harmful.

    This concept also applies to social media. Discussing boundaries for posting on social media is an important factor as well. In the present day, the social media of someone in the workforce may need to be up to par with their company’s image, so excessive posting, or PDA within posts may be something that should be discussed and have boundaries set at the beginning of a relationship.

    In any relationship, setting boundaries and having them established is crucial. It’s even more important in professional dating when creating that balance helps to determine the time that you and your partner can spend together.

  • Date Ideas Over 40: Best Way to Enjoy Dating Posted by Admin

    Date Ideas Over 40

    The dating world is difficult to navigate in your youth, but it’s a whole different ballpark for people who are now over 40. Having a few ideas to figure out where to start certainly wouldn’t hurt. Elite singles at this age have numerous options on where to take someone on a date, whether first or fifth. There’s more range available, whether it’s a sophisticated evening or a day of old-school fun.

    The best date option is doing an activity that neither you nor your partner has done before. Whether it be an activity, or taking a class, doing something new and creating a memory between the two of you is an excellent idea. Philanthropy is another great chance to get to know each other and your values. Volunteering for something environmental like a beach clean up or tree planting, food bank packing, or something with your local animal shelter would all be different ways for a couple to get to know each other and the things that matter to them, cutting through the typical surface-level conversation and giving you and your partner a chance to truly get to know one another.

    Depending on the size of the city that you live in, there are tons of local festivals that you could bring a date to. Whether a food festival or a cultural celebration, there will always be high energy and great food, and it’s an excellent, high spirits idea for successful singles to kick back at on the weekend. It’s also another chance to experience something new together. Or, if one of you has attended that event before, a chance to share it with your partner.

    Attend a concert. Whether an outdoor music festival, an indie band performing in a bar, or a full-blown concert, seeing a music event and sharing your music taste with your potential significant other is a great bonding experience. Seeing some good music together is also a perfect way to put yourselves in a great mood.

    Be a tourist in your own city! Most people who live in a city for a long time never take the time to actually see the attractions that make the place they live well-known. Now’s your chance! Bring your date around and visit all the things that attract town-ers. Or, try taking a day trip to a nearby roadside attraction! There are always numerous things nearby that people simply aren’t aware of, and you can see those things with your date.

    Try a wine tasting, or visit a local brewery. Very often, you’ll be able to tour a facility and sample many fancy wines, or locally brewed beers, and you can spend the day touring these facilities with your date.

    Another local date would be to visit a “weird” museum. There are always the classic modern art museums, but having a little fun can be a nice change from an otherwise professional lifestyle as an elite single. These are great places to experience something cool or wacky with someone else and scratch your heads a little at some weird impressionist pieces.

    Nostalgic dates are also fantastic. Doing something nostalgic like visiting an arcade and playing the games that you used to play when you were younger, or visiting an amusement park with your date are both fun options that you could choose to do. Or, if you’d prefer to stay indoors, having a game night with just the two of you would be a great way to have some fun together. Ordering in and playing things like Uno, and remembering the times that you did that when you were younger is a great way to bring up old memories and stories that can bring you closer to your date.

    Another nostalgia trip could be going roller skating. There are numerous rinks that still hold that 80s vibe, and trying roller skating for a few hours with your date and reminiscing, and maybe jamming out to some older music would be a fantastic idea.

    Finally, you could try out zero gravity. There are services that allow you to experience it, and you could do that together with your date! It’s a super cool way to spend the day, and an awesome new experience to have together.

    It can be difficult to figure out date ideas outside of the classic ones when getting older, but there are plenty of ways to still have new experiences with someone you’re dating, and successful singles can rest assured that they’re still thoroughly able to date.

  • Newly in Love? Do’s and Don’ts When Starting a New Relationship Posted by Admin

    Relationship Do's and don'ts

    Being in a new relationship is a euphoric feeling, and we can get swept up in the passion, but there are quite a few things to keep in mind when entering into this beginning phase of the relationship with your new partner.

    Do: add variety to your dates.

    After you’ve already gone on your first few dates, it can be easy to fall into a pattern of going out to eat, or staying into Netflix and Chill, but keeping up the spice of life is important, and it’ll help kindle the flame between you and your new significant other. It doesn’t have to be extravagant or crazy, but doing something a little different each time you go on a date is a great idea.

    Cook dinner at home together instead of going out, meet with your friends or their friends and spend the evening together (this also gives you the chance to see how your partner interacts and gets along with your friends because your friends are just as important as your partner).

    Don’t: use your phone frequently on dates.

    These beeping minimature computers are the most distracting things, but all you should focus on while you’re with your partner is your partner. Keeping eye contact and being an active listener will increase your connection and keep both of you more engaged in the conversation. Giving them your full attention is important to keep both of you engaged and in the moment.

    Do: Balance your in person and online interactions.

    In the present day with online dating being the primary way that people find love, a lot of the interactions and communication with your new partner can happen through texting, or the two of you can become used to communicating that way. But textual chemistry only matters if it translates to your real-life interactions! Make sure that you’re balancing the amounts of interaction that you have between texting and seeing each other in person. Try saving up those juicy anecdotes for being in person, because it’ll be more enriching to see each other when you tell them!

    Don’t: Spend every single second together.

    New relationships are sweet, and especially in the first few months, you’ll want to spend every waking hour talking to and seeing your significant other. It’s important to maintain your independence, even once you begin to intermingle your life with another person. Find your happiness in other things outside of your partner, as well, like your friends. Being too attached at the hip can put pressure on the relationship as well. Take it easy!

    Do: Communicate, communicate, communicate.

    “Communication is key” is the most oversaid relationship advice ever, but it’s so true, especially in a new relationship. With new love, everything is still developing and there are growing pains. Don’t communicate constantly, but frequently. You don’t need to be in touch 24 hours a day, but you should be in touch with your partner often, even if it isn’t by seeing them in person, and it’s just a simple text.

    More important than that, though, is to communicate effectively. There’s no point in speaking with each other often if neither of you understands each other, so it’s important that you make sure that your line of communication is clear, and that will only help in developing the closeness between two people that can only come with time, and this will help to make your relationship last.

    Don’t: Think too far ahead into the future

    It can spook a partner if heavy topics like marriage and kids come up too early in the beginnings of the relationship, so these are things to avoid bringing up. It’s something that you should think about because the desire to get married or to have kids at some point in the future are important values, but it isn’t something that needs to be brought up at the very beginning of a relationship.

    Do: Be affectionate.

    In the beginning, there can be a lot of mixed signals, so not being afraid to show your affection and your true feelings, and feel that they’re reciprocal can increase the closeness between you and your partner. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable with your significant other will only strengthen your relationship as well, and it’s important to remember that it isn’t a weakness.

    Don’t: Ignore the Red Flags.

    In the early stages of a relationship, it’s easy to not notice, or to write off things that would otherwise be a bad sign. It can be hard to see past the passion of the start of dating a new partner, but it’s important to see the bad behaviors for what they really are.

    Dating is complicated, and being in a new relationship is even more difficult to maneuver, but with these tips, navigating a relationship can be easier.

  • 7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Joining a Rich Men Dating Site Posted by Admin

    rich men dating site

    Looking to join a rich men dating website? There are seven key questions that you have to ask yourself before joining such a platform!

    Question 1: What is my bankable asset?

    A bankable asset is something that brings benefits to you. Meanwhile, you can keep, nurture and grow this asset so that it works for you in the long term!

    Some examples of bankable assets:

    1) Intelligence – You are well-educated, smart and switched-on. You are an avid reader and an amazing conversationalist. Rich men become mentally addicted to you as time goes by. In truth, intelligence is the No. 1 quality that millionaire men look for in women, according to a millionaire matchmaker in the United States.

    2) A good sense of fashion – Have you noticed that most women in western countries are not very fashion-conscious? Well, because of feminism which is overdone in western countries, a large number of women think they should look or behave like men and compete with men in the society. As a consequence, they are not using femininity to their advantage. That’s why they only dress for comfort. In contrast, if you have a very good sense of fashion, you can easily stand out from the crowd in the millionaire dating scene because rich men want to spoil their women with high-end clothes and shoes.

    3) Good looks – This bankable asset is quite obvious, right? If you have good looks, you also need to maintain your good looks. So, you may want to consider going to the gym, eating healthy food and prioritizing the quality of your sleep. In addition, relationship experts point out that having more fun can also make you look better and more attractive; never underestimate the power of joy!

    Question 2: Do I understand how rich men operate?

    If you don’t even know how wealthy men operate, then you are not ready to join a rich men dating site.

    As a matter of fact, women who succeed in millionaire dating all have a very good and profound understanding of how successful men operate in love, life and business. In reality, you can only handle what you understand. What’s more, the universe will only give you what you are able to handle. Full stop.

    In order to help you better understand wealthy men, I’ve summarized several key points about how rich men operate below.

    1) Successful men are big-picture people; they do not focus on small details because they understand that most small details don’t really matter.

    2) Most wealthy men want to date women who look extremely feminine but can talk about masculine topics such as finance, investing and business. That’s a unique pairing. (A unique pairing is about having two very different qualities at the same time).

    3) Moderately rich men are busy, but seriously rich men have a lot of free time because they’ve already automated their businesses.

    Question 3: What can I offer a rich guy?

    Everyone is thinking, “What’s in it for me?” That’s actually a mistake because in life you don’t get what you want; you only get what you give. That is also known as Law of Reciprocity.

    Therefore, before joining a rich men dating site, you should ask yourself what you can offer a rich man. Maybe you can give him the best time in the bedroom. Perhaps you will make him look extremely good when he takes you to dinner parties. Find some value that you can certainly offer and use that to your advantage!

    Question 4: What type of rich guy do I like?

    This is all about defining your type before joining a rich men dating website. Do you like a mature and sophisticated guy above 45 years old? Do you prefer a celebrity? Find out what you are looking for; you are more likely to attract what you seek.

    Question 5: What are my non-negotiable standards?

    This question is so key. I can’t even tell you how important this question is.

    Your non-negotiable standards are the foundation of a successful relationship that can last for a long time. No matter you deserve a man who is willing to support you and your family financially, or you would like to date a man who will look after your children, write down your non-negotiables now. And then stick to these standards at all times.

    Question 6: Do I have enough dating skills?

    It seems that schools taught us the wrong subjects because we didn’t learn anything about dating and relationships at school. Yet this topic is of vital importance in everyone’s life.

    Hence, if you think you need to work on your dating skills, you would be well-advised to read some books about dating and relationships, especially books on millionaire dating. Personally, I would recommend Ginie Sayles’s books How to Marry the Rich & How to Meet the Rich and Patti Stanger’s book Become Your Own Matchmaker: 8 Easy Steps for Attracting Your Perfect Mate.

    Question 7: How can I make my own lifestyle more exciting?

    If you are needy, a rich man can smell your neediness from a mile away. In fact, the best way to eliminate neediness is to build a wonderful lifestyle for yourself. This can include having some interesting hobbies, meeting new friends, doing a job that you enjoy, working on your fitness and going the movies. In other words, apart from focusing on your love life, you also have to pay attention to other areas of your life. Interestingly, when other areas of your life are working pretty well, it’s a bit easier to attract a rich man, as successful men like psychologically independent women!

    In conclusion, as long as you have solid answers to the above-mentioned seven questions before joining a rich men dating site, you are ready for luxury dating! Now you are equipped with the right information in this regard, so hopefully, you will thrive in the millionaire dating world! Good luck & best wishes.