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    Durrani Popal

    The beautiful Durrani Popal first got on our radar as one of Kim Kardashian’s Dash Dolls. Dash Dolls, which was a spin-off of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, had one memorable season on the E! Network that premiered in September 2015. We watched the most beautiful girls keep the Hollywood’s Dash store location up and running. MillionaireMatch caught up with the Doll to see how love and life have been since the show.

    Before joining the cast, Popal was a student at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. The job at Dash helped seal the deal not to mention, she fit right in like a Kardashian. Kim even commented, “She’s the epitome of a Dash Doll, look-wise. The eyelashes and all the make-up. It’s like we are.” Popal described her experience on the show as, “Lots of drama, but fun.” She also said, “I got nervous because they [Kardashians] were my bosses.”

    Popal allowed the viewers an inside view to her ups and downs when it came to her dating life. Her then boyfriend, Shalom, was “a dead end” relationship, as he described it. The relationship started off promising. The two were happy and having fun, and he even gave her a pink Bentley. “I’ve always wanted a pink car since I was a little girl, “ she said. “I still drive it,” she continued. Popal later got herself a pink Lamborghini.

    As the two became closer, trouble started to show up. Popal introduced him to her brother, as she felt it was the right next step, but it started to become the beginning of the end. Shalom and Popal had religious differences that her parents would not welcome.

    In spite of a tough break, Popal placed her focus on her business endeavors creating Jewels by Durrani and House of Durrani, which sells high-end quality everyday wear. She was inspired by her mom who loved jewelry and would take Popal shopping frequently. The line includes custom pieces, with a Middle Eastern influence. The clothing line has simple, chic and sporty pieces, which are close to Popal’s personal style. With almost a million followers on Instagram, both product lines seem to be booming businesses.

    With her new focus, also came a new and better love life. “Haven’t felt this happy in a very, very long time. God is good. Life is amazing, “ she said. Durrani’s new beau is Shahin Safai. Safai is the CEO of Royal Personal Training in Beverly Hills which is an elite training facility that caters to athletes, celebrities and executives. Popal couldn’t be happier. Safai recently said, “I don’t know where you came from, but you for sure changed my life.”

    She encourages others who want to start their own line or boutique. “Never give up. Believe in yourself,” she said. Durrani gives us all hope that new and better beginnings are possible when it comes to love and career. The two lovebirds look perfect for each other!

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