• Soap Opera Digest Celebrated their 40th Anniversary Bringing Together Past and Present Stars of All the Daytime Shows at The Argyle in Hollywood Posted by Admin

    Terri Ivens

    Last week, Soap Opera Digest celebrated their 40th anniversary bringing together past and present stars of all the daytime shows at The Argyle in Hollywood. Soap Opera Digest is the number one soap magazine providing the inside scoop, breaking news and interviews for thousands of viewers. This event was soap opera heaven. We were lucky enough to score an interview with the lovely Terri Ivens, who is currently on The Bayas Orchid, a spicy call girl. Ivens is best known for her role as Simone Torres on All My Children.

    Millionaire Match: How do you feel being here tonight to celebrate the 40thanniversary of Soap Opera Digest?

    Terri: I grew up with soaps. I had my stories. My first job when I started was on Days of Our Lives. Mrs. H, who is no longer with us, and Patch when he use to wear a patch was in the make-up room. I was like, ‘Oh my gosh. Mom! Look who I worked with today.’

    MM: What has been your favorite story line?

    Terri: Any one with me in it. [Laughter] With a nice arc. Hopefully landing in bed with a not too early call time. [Laughter]

    MM: With all the drama and love triangles, how do you detach from that once you leave the set?

    Terri: It’s called children, right. [Laughter] I have one daughter. She’s 11-years old. She grew up on the studio floor in New York City of All My Children. They don’t know how famous you think you are. They don’t…they are hungry, they need this and they want that. ‘What about me?’ Right. And that’s the beauty of it. That’s the best thing that ever happened was to have this wonderful creation help me take my eyes off myself. I’m a better person for it.

    MM: Is it hard dating as a celebrity?

    Terri: Yes! I haven’t dated in over two years. [Laughter] I noticed that…I don’t know if men are intimidated. There are certain age categories, right. I need mature so I’m actually attracted to the older man which is probably more fitted for my age. But, I like the 30-hunking, you know, six-pack abs, but I freaking scare them. I have a house. I drive a nice car. I have a kid. I like to go out and have dinner. So, I noticed that the guys 40 and under, unless they are successful, they can hang with me for a little while and then they start feeling guilty. Cause they are not suppose to take from a single mom. [chuckle] If they were raised right, they suppose to be paying.

    MM: Somebody is waiting for you.

    Terri: I hope so. I hope he’s inside. [Laughter]

    MM: Would you ever do online dating?

    Terri: You know, I toiled around with it. My sister signed me up for Tinder. It’s hilarious. I got really scared, because you’re suppose to left swipe, left swipe. But I’m like, ‘Oh, he’s okay!’ My sister’s like, ‘But he’s just okay.’ And I’m so lazy. You have to be location attractive, desirable. If you aren’t in a 5 mile radius, good luck, because I am not sitting in traffic. [Laughter]

    Well, we hope Terri finds that lucky guy soon. The Bay was created by Gregori J. Martin. To see more of this beauty, tune into The Bay online at www.thebayseries.com or the stars’ on-camera radio show, “Going to Bed with Terri Ivens”.

  • TVOne Stars Claudia Jordan, Benzino & Danielle Nicolet Reveal the Scoop On Their Love Life Posted by Admin

    "The Next:15" and "Born Again Virgin" Stars graced the red carpet at TVOne’s show season premiere on February 3rd at the posh Beverly Hills venue, H.O.M.E. The event was sponsored by Hip Hop Weekly and Armadale Vodka. The event was attended by stars Danielle Nicolet and Eva Marcille of "Born Again Virgin", Claudia Jordan, Karamo Brown, Benzino, Jennifer Williams and Laura Govan of "The Next:15" and Andra Fuller, Travis Winfrey and Wendy Raquel Robinson of "Here We Go Again"

    TVOne Stars

    MillionaireMatch.com was able to catch up with a few of the stars and talk about love and relationships.

    Millionaire Match: “Do you think it’s spiritually beneficial for a woman to abstain from sex?”

    Danielle: “I think it can be spiritually beneficial for a woman to abstain from sex. It serves as an opportunity to pick substance over style. When I went through the phase in my life, my mom said to me, "You have to start saying yes to the nice ones. You never say yes to the nice ones."

    “When I took sex out of the equation, it made it a lot easier to say yes to the nice ones. I figured, well, I’m not sleeping with them anyway. Then I found out what it was like to be treated properly. I started finding myself attracted to men who treated me with kindness and respect rather than men who just looked good with their shirt off and called when they felt like it.”

    MM: “Do you think sex is overrated?”

    Danielle: “No, sex is awesome. It’s so great. It’s not overrated at all. But I think sex is over publicized. I think sex is great when you’re having sex with someone you are super into.”

    MM: “How do you feel about online dating?”

    Danielle: “I think online dating is right for the right people. I have several friends who met their spouses online. I think it’s a matter of what your personal lifestyle is. If you are a person that works from home and you don’t have the opportunity to get out and socialize a lot, it’s probably for you!”

    MM: “Is love overrated?”

    Benzino: “That’s a good question. I never use to think that. I don’t think love is overrated. I think the concept of love is amazing, but there’s a lot of factors going into keeping that concept amazing and that’s why I think, maybe, we lack at it. I just think love is...especially when you see it on television and the movies, you hear about it and...it’s just so many factors that come into keeping love as beautiful as you want it to be. That’s the struggle. That’s the fight. So I don’t think it’s overrated.”


    MM: “What can we expect to see on "The Next:15" ?”

    Claudia: “You’re in for some treats and surprises. Someone actually tries to perform a musical number. That’s interesting. But I will say, you’re going to see a softer side of Laura [Govan] that you haven’t seen. You’re going to see Benzino become a dad and how he handles all of his emotions and outbursts. People think New York is a certain way, but you’ll see a softer side of her.”

    TVOne is sure to be interesting this season with the ups and downs of relationships, love and fame. Be sure to tune in Tuesdays at 8pm/8:30pm ET for "Here We Go Again" and "Born Again Virgin" and Wednesdays at 10pm ET for "The Next:15".