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    Robert Herjavec

    Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec Releases Book On Creating Success: “It’s Up to You to Make Yourself Successful.”

    Robert Herjavec has a life that many people dream about, and his new book, You Don’t Have to Be a Shark, offers advice on how a “non-business person” can achieve the American dream. Herjavec is one of the stars on the popular ABC show, Shark Tank. It is the most bought show on network television with 35 episodes last year. MillionaireMatch caught a live conversation on the Shark’s current book tour.

    Herjavec, known as the nice Shark, has created quite a career for himself. An immigrant from Croatia, he grew up on a farm and was raised by his grandmother. Life was good until he went to school and quickly learning that he was poor. Constantly teased and pushed around, Herjavec says, “ I felt like I never fit in like I wasn’t strong enough or good at anything. I was always the outsider.” These early memories of being picked on were his motivation. “I felt if I made a lot of money one day or just became successful in something, I could really show it to them,” he says. Years later, Herjavec drove through his old neighborhood sporting his first fancy car, a Ferrari. Though he admits it was a “stupid” idea because none of his old classmates lived in his hometown anymore, the moment did encourage him to keep going.

    He didn’t always know he would be successful, but he was sure he didn’t want to live the same way he grew up. “Mark Cuban said to me, ‘When I was 12 years old, I knew I was going to be rich.’ I remember thinking, wow! I didn’t know that. I just didn’t want to be poor,” he explained. Herjavec got his first job working in the film industry as a producer. At 19, he produced the winter Olympics for Canada and later commercials for Kraft. With this first taste of success, he planned to move to Los Angeles and become the next Martin Scorsese. Unfortunately, he couldn’t get a job. As bills continued to roll in, he soon found himself in the computer industry. Herjavec had no prior experience in computers but managed to talk himself into getting an interview at a start-up headed by a former IBM president. By age 30, he was one of the top people in the computer industry. This was the start of his financial success.

    Today, he has a cybersecurity business that brings in $158 million dollars. He started this business 11 years ago with one office, two employees and $400k in sales. The company now has 300 employees with offices all over the world.

    Herjavec also splits his time managing almost 43 companies that he has invested in since being on Shark Tank. One of his favorite investments from the show is a company called Tipsy Elves which started off with making funny Christmas sweaters. The company is projected to bring in $17 million this year.

    “What makes someone successful? I think the one thing we can agree on is where people fail in business is typically their inability to absorb failure. In business, you hear the word no and you get rejected way more than you ever win. So, it’s your ability to adapt,” Herjavec says on the pitfalls of a business. “Great entrepreneurs adapt to the situation. They have the ability to see the wall before they hit it,” he continues. As an immigrant, he thinks there is so much opportunity in America. The sky is not the limit. “The thing about being in America, no one cares where you are from. If you can add value, people will give you an opportunity. That’s what I love about business in America,” he says. Not only is Herjavec a success in business but he has found recent success in love. After going through a divorce, he pushed past his feelings of depression and signed up for a show that would lead him to his current fiancee. He pens in his book, “Kym became more than my partner on the dance floor. She became my source of happiness and joy at a level I had not experienced in a long time.” Kym Johnson, who is a professional dancer on the show Dancing with the Stars, was paired with Herjavec. They soon fell for each other. “She was lucky to meet me,” Herjavec says jokingly. We look forward to watching them both live a life of love and success.

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    Cynthia Bailey

    The serial entrepreneur, Cynthia Bailey, has just released a new line of luxury travel luggage, Cargo. The luxury goods are geared toward the busy lifestyle of the millennial and do it with style. It is designed for both women and men providing various styles from backpack to carrying bags to wristlets. Bailey chose the highest quality leather, mohair, and suede for her line. MillionaireMatch was on the scene as Bailey celebrated this new business endeavor in Hollywood at The Redbury Hotel. Her business partner, Kal Williams, and friend, Nene Leakes, were right by her side to support her. Other celebs such as actress and host of Hollywood Live Today, Garcelle Beauvais, attended the event to wish Bailey much success.

    The supermodel and tv personality from Real Housewives of Atlanta, is no stranger to having multiple businesses. She also spends her time managing The Bailey Agency, an Atlanta based modeling agency as well as a high-end eyewear line called Cynthia Bailey Eyewear. “I love being an entrepreneur. I’ve always been an entrepreneur so starting this line was easy. I travel a lot and it just made sense,” Bailey says on why she started Cargo.

    The accessories line also just made its debut at The Beverly Center in Los Angeles. Locals can head to the chic and trendy store, Savage, to grab their favorite Cargo bag.

    Working on a reality show, things can get pretty rocky with friendships and relationships. Bailey has had her fair share of hurt and disappointments on RHOA. If she had to choose one person from the show that would make her grab her Cargo bag and head for vacation, she says, “I would have to take two people. Half the trip would be with Nene and the other half would be with Kenya.”

    The Georgia peach seems to be enjoying her time in Los Angeles and is considering a move. “Right now, I’m enjoying the time apart, taking time for myself,” she says on the recent separation from her husband Peter Thomas. In the meantime, Bailey is keeping herself busy promoting her line, attending celebrity events and making sure her daughter is happy.

    If you are getting ready for your summer vacation, take it from us at MillionaireMatch, visit www.cargobycynthiabailey.com for your luxury travel bag needs.

  • Interview with Farbod, the BloomNation CEO Posted by Admin


    The floral industry is a $34 billion dollar retail business, and BloomNation is claiming a piece of that industry. Based in Santa Monica, BloomNation is a platform that allows local floral designers to operate online. Three friends decided to embark on an industry they knew nothing about in August of 2011. Farbod Shoraka, Co-Founder and CEO, Gregg Weisstein, Co-founder and COO, and David Daneshgar, Co-Founder and Head of Sales and Business Development, put their skills together to help local florists across the country. Each of them has a passion to give florists time to be an artist again as well as keep more money in their business, these friends soon found a creative way to earn their initial investment money. After having early success, they were able to acquire $1.65 million in seed funding to build a marketplace and e-commerce business in 2013. Two years later, the blooming company acquired another $5.5 million in funding from A Capital Partners. The team expanded from five to thirty employees with 2,000 florists on their site.

    MillionaireMatch got a chance to speak with the busy CEO, Farbod. We had to know more about what made three gents jump into the floral business and how their passion has changed an industry.

    MillionaireMatch: How did you get into the flower business?

    Farbod: Funny enough I didn’t really have a background in flowers or e-commerce. It was actually my aunt who was a local florist in Irvine, California. She was going out of business. She was having trouble with her flower shop and not getting any customers. She kept relying on these big brokers like 1-800- Flowers, FTD and Teleflora to get orders, but they were n’t really coming in at a profitable rate. Those guys take so many fees off the top that it was really hard for her to make any money, and a lot of people have stopped walking into flower shops. She was in a really tight situation where she didn’t know how to get her own orders from online. So, I was working in investment banking. I was doing mergers and acquisition advisory. I was actually helping a client in the floral space and I started learning a lot about it. I realized there was a big problem. I decided to quit my job and start this company that will kind of fix the floral industry, which is about a $30 billion dollar industry. Ultimately, I helped my aunt survive and keep her shop open.

    MM: When did you decide to quit your job? A lot of entrepreneurs have that moment when they have a day job, and they want to take the leap into doing the thing they love full- time.

    Farbod: I was working, because I was on a deal. The client I had at the time was in the industry. I was lucky. It gives me enough understanding and firepower to leave and just dive in head first into the start-up. Some people start off with getting their feet wet, and doing it at night. I was lucky enough to be able to do it all in. At the same time, I was making enough money where I could quit my job and not have to worry about supporting myself or taking that risk.

    MM: I heard that your business partner, David, won $30,000 in a poker game to help get the company started. Was $30k enough to start BloomNation?

    Farbod: That was really interesting. We didn’t have the background to make this work. Three guys with no experience in technology, e-commerce or flowers should not start a flower company [Laughing]. It was a pretty rare instance where we took basically what we did have and leverage that knowledge and skill sets to make the company work. As I said, I was an investment banker. I understood how to talk to investors, put together presentations and think strategically about how to build a business and grow it. David was a commercial poker player and my best friend. We went to Berkeley together for undergrad. We leveraged his skill sets to raise enough money to hire our first engineer. It was just enough for us to hire somebody to get the ball rolling and get investors to invest in the company.

    MM: Had you just made up in your mind that this was gonna work? Is that what kept you motivated?

    Farbod: I think what’s really important is you have to have an internal compass. There’s something that has to drive you that’s core to what you are doing. That can never change. The core thing for me was essentially knowing that these brokers shouldn’t exist. No one should be going to an online broker that shows fake photos and fake prices as an order and take 15% off the top before it goes to the local florist. That’s the old world. Today, we are in a new world where I can order a car to pick me up in two minutes or I can go on Yelp and see what restaurant I should eat at. That core, fundamental understanding that the flower industry needs innovation and technology that is happening in other parts of the country in terms of other sectors like that was my internal push knowing that this needs to exist now. It was up to me and in my hands to make it happen within BloomNation. I know for a fact that this is the way, the direction that the industry is going to move. That was what really drove me the most beyond anything was just knowing fundamentally what needs to happen for this to be a great industry.

    MM: What was the most challenging part about starting this business?

    Farbod: I guess the most challenging thing about starting the business was just starting the business, taking that leap. That’s probably the biggest thing was that mental hurdle. Okay, I am gonna do this. Once that happened, you are kind of just running up and down the hill. It’s kind of out of your hands because you are trying to make things work. It becomes your child, in fact. It’s almost like having a kid. You don’t think you are ready until you have that child. Then you just raise a child and become a father or a mother and all the instincts kick in. It’s the same way starting a business. The hardest part of it is actually deciding that you want to start the business and doing it. Once it happens, you kind of become a survivor through all the ups and downs.

    As the company grows, the biggest challenges are around your team- the people you hire and how to keep them motivated and excited. Always bring on top talent and make sure people hold a really good culture around what kind of company you want to build. It’s very easy to hire people that change the culture if you don’t have a strong culture. It can usually shift your culture and it becomes a very different company internally which also makes it a very different company externally. I don’t think people appreciate enough how important it is the type of people you bring on to your team. They need to be hand-selected in the early days.

    MM: I love that. What has set you apart from the other companies in regards to marketing and promotions?

    Farbod: I think the big difference is, we don’t spend money on marketing. Our products speak for themselves. Our biggest differentiator is that each florist is listing their own unique, creative design. It’s almost like eBay or Etsy. Etsy is a great example because it’s a marketing place for handcrafted artistic goods. You even get to see the florist you are buying from and the florist gets to see who is their customer. It’s almost like walking into a flower shop.

    MM: Kind of gives it that personal touch that everyone loves today.

    Farbod: Yeah, it’s an expression of your emotion. When you are sending flowers it is a very emotional point in time and you try to express your emotions through that gift. So, to be able to connect with the artist directly and help express that emotion is a very powerful thing. Our mission here is we are strengthening the communities, relationships and artistry. That’s really important for us.

    MM: Most start-ups don’t survive past the first year. What would you say is your staying power?

    Farbod: The biggest thing that keeps us growing and makes us successful is that we focus on the experience versus focusing on spending money on marketing. For us, it’s how do you create a great experience for the florist so that they can create the best experience for the consumer. We empower the florist with technology. We say okay, now you can list your product. You can take a photo of the arrangement before it goes out for delivery so that the sender can see it. You create tools for the florist so that they can make the consumer really happy and that consumer keeps coming back. Then the florist stays with our platform because they see the consumer keeps coming back. It’s a virtuous cycle that happens when you hone in on the experience and not on how you are gonna spend money on marketing.

    MM: I really love that. How were you able to get florists interested in BloomNation?

    Farbod: In the beginning, it was the three of us walking around the flower shops all over Los Angeles and getting a ton of parking tickets [Laughing]. We created a lot of one on one bonds with the florist. Showing our faces, shaking hands and making a lot of eye to eye contact was really important in those early days. Today, we do a lot of talking over the phone, telephonic sales and we hold some events across the country.

    MM: If you were sending flowers to a girl that you really liked or your wife, what kind of flowers would you send?

    Farbod: I think women like the most…so, this is really like LA typical thing. Women love peonies. They go crazy over the peonies and that’s because it’s such a rare flower. It’s only in season for about a month out of the year. It’s a very special flower when you get your hands on it. They open up so beautifully. It’s really magical.

    MM: They are so romantic. I love peonies.

    Farbod: One of the most beautiful flowers.

    Head over to www.bloomnation.com for more information on the company or your next order for that special moment.

  • Bella Magazine’s Beauty Issue Cover Party Was Hosted Last Week by Jaime Pressly Posted by Admin

    Jaime Pressly

    Bella Magazine’s Beauty Issue cover party was hosted last week at Lisa Vanderpump’s Sur Lounge by the Emmy award-winning actress, Jaime Pressly, who appears on the June cover. This was the first West Coast event for the New York-based magazine. Celebrities Allison Janney and Beth Hall who work with Pressly on the CBS show Mom, were in attendance to show their support. It didn’t stop there. The venue was full of beautiful women and handsome gents who came to support Pressly, including Sophia Pierson (E! Wags), Gabrielle Dennis (Fox’s Rosewood), Cynthia Bailey (Bravo’s RHOA), Sasha Gradiva (Pop artist), Candace Patton (The Flash) and Kim Hawthorne (OWN’s Greenleaf).

    Pressly, who is from a small town in North Carolina, has been in the entertainment business for 25 years. She started her career as a model working for Teen Magazine, Liz Claiborne and Stuff Magazine. Pressly is most recognized for her role as Joy Turner on My Name is Earl which she was nominated for an Emmy and Golden Globe.

    On the best beauty secrets, the women had lots of tips to share. Pressly says, “My trainer Mike. He’s an ex-NFL player who doesn’t entertain excuses,” on how to snap back after having a child and staying fit. As far as beauty tips, she’s pretty simple. The actress does her own hair and make-up before she goes on-set. Janney said she owes her youthful looks to dancing. “I love old-school hip-hop and dancing. That’s my beauty secret,” Janney said. Other celebs said it was more about happiness and positivity that keeps them looking beautiful. “Having the right energy around you is so important,” said Tilda Del Toro. “It’s more about what is on the inside that is important. Making sure you are a beautiful person on the inside. It’s hard with social media. You can look on there and start to think bad thoughts about yourself, but social media can’t show you the inside of a person,” stated actress Elizabeth Guest.

    Exercise was also on the list of ways to stay beautiful in Hollywood. “Eating healthy, drinking water and regular exercise is what I do stay looking great,” says Darnell Cox who looks 22 years old even though she is 48 years old.

    Pressly could have focused on it being her night, but she was most excited to see women in the industry supporting each other. “I love seeing women support other women. This is a tough industry. So this is really beautiful,” Pressly said. The evening was filled with people connecting and talking over champagne with everyone leaving with beautiful gift bags by Naked Princess which were filled with blue and tan moleskin journals and luxury beauty products from the store’s line. We at MillionaireMatch are happy to share this beautiful evening with some of Hollywood’s best stars.

  • Jason Derulo Gets A Wax Figure at Madame Tussauds Posted by Admin

    Jason Derulo

    Madame Tussauds Hollywood welcomed a new wax figure last week. The famed tourist destination introduced Jason Derulo’s wax figure as the newest addition to their third-floor A-List party room. With high anticipation and the longest countdown to a reveal, Derulo was ecstatic. “Are you serious right now? That’s a handsome guy,” Derulo said as the curtains revealed his wax figure twin. “Oh my goodness! I just definitely want to say thank you. Thank you so much to Madame Tussauds. This is legendary. This is a place you always past when you are driving down Hollywood. To be part of the family now is unbelievable. I couldn’t be more excited,” Derulo expressed.

    Making a perfect wax figure is no small thing. Derulo had over 250 measurements taken. “Jason’s figure is our most dynamic yet! It made for a very interesting setting, which took almost three hours. We had to ask Jason to recreate one of his signature dance moves numerous times to ensure a perfect recreation, “ said Colin Thomas, Senior Manager of Madame Tussauds.

    To dress the figure, Derulo was happy to donate a pair of Golden denim jeans and a pair of red Nike Air Force One sneakers which are valued at $350,000.

    After the unveiling, Derulo headed to the rooftop of Madame Tussauds for a special concert. He sang many of his hits, including “If It Ain’t Love”. Industry guests were thrilled, but the most excited were those from the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Children as young as two years old who suffer from a life-threatening medical condition had their dreams of meeting Jason Derulo fulfilled. They were able to take photos with Derulo and sing along as he took over the stage.

    With all the excitement, MillionaireMatch was able to speak to Jason about his career and love. He gave us a few tips for a successful relationship.

    Click here to watch the video on Youtube.