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    Jason Derulo

    Madame Tussauds Hollywood welcomed a new wax figure last week. The famed tourist destination introduced Jason Derulo’s wax figure as the newest addition to their third floor A-List party room. With high anticipation and the longest countdown to a reveal, Derulo was ecstatic. “Are you serious right now? That’s a handsome guy,” Derulo said as the curtains revealed his wax figure twin. “Oh my goodness! I just definitely want to say thank you. Thank you so much to Madame Tussauds. This is legendary. This is a place you always past when you are driving down Hollywood. To be part of the family now is unbelievable. I couldn’t be more excited,” Derulo expressed.

    Making a perfect wax figure is no small thing. Derulo had over 250 measurements taken. “Jason’s figure is our most dynamic yet! It made for a very interesting sitting, which took almost three hours. We had to ask Jason to recreate one of his signature dance moves numerous times to ensure a perfect recreation, “ said Colin Thomas, Senior Manager of Madame Tussauds.

    To dress the figure, Derulo was happy to donate a pair of Golden denim jeans and a pair of red Nike Air Force One sneakers which are valued at $350,000.

    After the unveiling, Derulo headed to the rooftop of Madame Tussauds for a special concert. He sang many of his hits, including “If It Ain’t Love”. Industry guests were thrilled, but the most excited were those from the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Children as young as two years old who suffer from a life-threatening medical condition had their dreams of meeting Jason Derulo fulfilled. They were able to take photos with Derulo and sing along as he took over the stage.

    With all the excitement, MillionaireMatch was able to speak to Jason about his career and love. He gave us a few tips for a successful relationship.

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  • Charles Michael Yim,CEO of Breathometer “Innovating Within a Market” Posted by Admin

    Charles Michael Yim

    In 2013, Charles Michael Yim appeared on the popular show Shark Tank hoping to get an investment of $250,000 in exchange for 10% of his company. Yim became the first person to have all five sharks invest into their company. He left with $1 million dollars in exchange for 30% of his company, Breathometer.

    Yim, who grew up with Silicon Valley in his back yard, started Breathometer in 2012. A year later, he launched an Indiegogo campaign hoping to raise $25k. Luckily, the device was so popular it was 600% funded with $138k. So what is the Breathometer? It’s a device that plugs into your smartphone and transforms into a breathalyzer. Measuring blood alcohol content, it helps the user make an informed decision whether to drive after drinking. If you are thinking about jumping into your car after a night of cocktails, Breathometer will inform you whether or not that’s a good idea. If it happens to not be safe for you to drive, it connects the user with local taxi services in the event that their BAC level is over the legal limit. Each unit sells for $49 at retail stores and online.

    Yim was no stranger to being an entrepreneur when he launched Breathometer. He was the Founder and CEO of Chatterfly and ProBuddy.com. Chatterfly, an online rewards platform, was later acquired by Plum District, a Kleiner Perkins funded company. He led the company from inception to acquisition. Yim was able to team up with a senior engineer at Facebook when creating ProBuddy.com and prior to stepping out on his own he worked in development at Fortify Software which was later acquired by HP.

    MillionaireMatch wanted to know how does a kid from humble beginnings grow up to be a three time serial entrepreneur.

    MillionaireMatch: Did you always have an entrepreneurial spirit?

    Charles: Yes, I had it from the very beginning. When I was a kid, I was the lemonade stand kid. My mom was pretty much a single mother. We didn’t have much growing up. It was me and my older brother. I did the lemonade stands, fundraisers and built a collection of basketball cards without spending a dollar. I would just trade. It was a $10-20k collection in the end including Michael Jordan’s and Dennis Rodman’s rookie cards.

    When I went to college, I started reselling electronics. I was able to pay college tuition and buy a bunch of fancy cars. That continued into the corporate world with start-ups. Silicon Valley was in my back yard, so I grew up with it.

    MM: How were you able to create a medical device without experience working in the medical field?

    Charles: I came up with three ideas and chose Breathometer in the end. I chose it because I hadn’t done hardware before. I didn’t realize it was a medical device. I hadn’t done anything in that space in terms of analysis or sensors. It was very interesting to me. I thought, ‘hey, this would be challenging. Why not?’ I went into it and pulled my brother in. My brother is an engineer. He helped me with the hardware and I took care of the software. In three months, we had a prototype. Then we killed it on Indiegogo with 4,000 customers and got the attention of Shark Tank.

    MM: What made you confident this product would be a hit?

    Charles: Breathalyzers have been in existence since the 1960s so technically you already have a concept. What I did was innovate within a market. People bought breathalyzers. It’s a half a billion dollar market. In that sense, it was really innovation within a current, existing market. That gave me enough confidence. Being that I could make it smaller, tinier, less expensive and more compact, I was able to go out to the market super confident.

    MM: What makes a great pitch?

    Charles: You need to be passionate about whatever you are doing. If your passion doesn’t come through, it doesn’t matter if you are pitching the most awesome, coolest innovation or idea it won’t come across well. Second, the format. I’m releasing a book at the end of the year. It covers the formula of a pitch. It’s very formulaic. I’m very much a believer of a problem-solution thing. You have to state the problem. What are you trying to solve? What is wrong with the product or service you are currently using? What do you wish existed? Once you can nail down a problem it’s up to you as an inventor, founder to come up with a solution that’s innovative enough to either reduce cost or make it more seamless. If you create a pain killer for pain, you will have a business. I guarantee you that. If you can pitch that in a very simplistic sense, very clearly and articulately to the right audience, you will have a very compelling pitch. You have to make it relevant and hit home for the audience.

    MM: What can we expect next from Breathometer?

    Charles: We are launching Mint in about a month along with a white label version in partnership with Sonicare. It will come independently or in a bundle with a Sonicare tooth brush, tongue scraper, breathe spray and solution. It can tell you how much bacteria is in your mouth, how long and often you should brush and floss. You can keep your mouth as healthy as possible throughout the day and evening.

    Another product we are coming out with at the end of the year will be able to measure weight lost. It will measure fat burning ketones off of your breathe. It will be a limited amount of units, but we are going to be sold out in a heart beat. There’s currently in the market urine strips and blood tests people use for tracking ketones. With a few breaths, Mint makes it convenient. Low ketones looks like you’ve been getting a lot of bread lately or having too much beer or rice. Mint gives you a personalized meal for the day to get you back at the right ketone level that will get you burning the fat so you can lose weight.

    To get on the list for the new Mint Breathometer and to learn more about the product, log on to www.breathometer.com.

  • Enza Hibler,CEO of IncrediPops “Whatever happens in the gut happens in the brain” Posted by Admin

    Enza Hibler

    Most inventors say they created the next big thing out of passion. Many would deny their business was created out of desperation, but that’s exactly how Enza Hibler would describe it. Enza is the CEO and creator of IncrediPops, which are non-dairy and organic frozen pops made with 100% raw, unprocessed food. Not only are they delicious but it will only cost you 50 calories a pop.

    So how does a stay-at-home mom with no experience in the food production business create a sought after product that is now in over 75 stores nationwide? Well, luckily, Enza described to MillionaireMatch the story of how she was pushed into this business. In 2007, her daughter who was 15 years old at the time was suffering an illness that could not be accurately diagnosed. Over the course of three years, Enza’s daughter saw a total of 7 doctors with each one prescribing pain medications that did not work. Enza decided to stop everything. No more 8-hour testings at a gastroenterologist, endoscopies, colonoscopies or meds. She started researching and learning everything she could about digestion. After many nights and early mornings, she came to one conclusion. The food you eat affects everything.

    With this new found information, Enza began blending ingredients. She also paid attention to food labels making sure she understood everything that was in the food she was buying. “If you can’t read it, you shouldn’t eat it,” she says. “I would spend three to four hours in the grocery store reading labels,” Enza continued. The blending allowed the nutrients to go directly into the bloodstream. She experimented with her combinations of whole fruits and veggies to make something that would taste good and was good for her daughter’s body. Eventually, her daughter bounced back.

    Not only did her daughter, who is now a healthy 21-year old, get healed, but Enza created a thriving business for herself. Schools started asking her to speak to parents and students about the benefits of eating healthy. She went from speaking to small classrooms to speaking to 900 kids! This all sounds like a dream come true, but MillionaireMatch decided to dig a little deeper and find out how the everyday person can launch their own dream business.

    MillionaireMatch: Without a business background, how did you know how to start IncrediPops?

    It was difficult making it from home. I would have to get up at 4:00am and go downtown to get organic produce, come home, drop my son off at school, wash and sanitize everything, prep and make everything. I would be up from 4:00am to 11:00 pm at night making pops.

    MM: How did you get on the show Hatched?

    Enza: I sent them the worst video you have ever seen in your life. My husband is a director of photography. He said, “you sent them that video?” [insert laugh] It was dark and I did it with my iPhone. I said, whatever and they contacted me. After I signed the paperwork to be on the show, I got contacted by Shark Tank. Shark Tank! I thought, why me? Who am I? I did Hatched. Whether you know business or not, when you get an order from a store like Kroeger, you make it happen.

    MM: Did you run your business alone?

    Enza: My husband is my backbone. He’s the biggest supporter and investor. When I was doing this for free and buying organic food for 900 kids, it was his dime and my time. He never told me no.

    MM: What has been your biggest hurdle or failure?

    Enza: Financially. I know why people give up on business now. Most people in my world would have a co-passer, someone who could produce your product for you. There was no one in the United States that I could find. No one deals with food. They deal with juices. They refused to do it, because it was too labor intensive. Also, machinery is so expensive. I say I’m drowning in my own spit. There’s not enough water, but I’m still drowning. You only have so much savings. Every machine cost you $87K! Do I want to give up? Never. Financially is where the burden lies.

    MM: What advice would you give others who want to create a product?

    Enza: Never give up on a passion and do your research. Find out what’s out there. What the world needs is your gift. Everyone has a gift the world needs. When you can figure it out, it’s like a web of connection. You have something that can serve me and I have something that can serve you. Then we link. When the world comes together and starts linking, we’ll find harmony at some point. We’ll stop competing.

    They gotta find what makes their product unique and focus on their path Don’t look at anyone else’s stuff. Just focus on themselves. I heard that there were some vegetable pops on the market. That could have crushed me. ‘ Oh well, why do it? That’s already on the market.’

    I don’t want anyone to lose hope in themselves. Everybody has something unique.

    For information on IncrediPops and where you can find them in a local store, visit www.incredipops.com.

  • Los Angeles Goes British for the BritWeek's 10th Anniversary Posted by Admin


    The Brits took over Los Angeles to celebrate art, culture, film and television at the beautiful Fairmont Miramar Hotel in Santa Monica. The stars came out dressed Brit proper and ready to to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of BritWeek. MillionaireMatch got a chance to talk to the British stars and their friends.

    The evening was decked out in red and black to represent the UK flag. "I can't believe it's been 10 years," said Bob Pierce who is the co-founder of BritWeek. The non-profit organization hosts this event every spring throughout greater Los Angeles as well as in Orlando and Miami.

    Some of Hollywood's best Brits made an appearance. Celebrities who attended included actor Harry Hamlin, Ross King, Maxine Peake (Shameless), Jimmy Akingbola (Arrow), Celia Imrie (Downtown Abbey), Carlton Gebbia (Housewives of Beverly Hills) and Huw Collins (Pretty Little Liars).

    Guests were able to enjoy the performances by Alexander and BC Jean, who was a contestant on American Idol Season 7. To make it a full Brit experience, delicious UK sweets and snacks covered every corner for guests to grab. From chips to candies, there was plenty for those Brits who may have been missing home. The best treat of the evening was the desserts made by Princess Diana's former chef, Chef Darren McGrady. His famous Butter Toffee Bread Pudding put a smile on everyone's face.

    "BritWeek's Tenth Anniversary was our best celebration to date, connecting creatives of L.A. and the U.K." says Pierce.

    The event was sponsored by Fairmont Miramar Hotel, BBC Worldwide, Marks & Spencer and Blue Fish.

    For more information on upcoming events for BritWeek, visit britweek.org.

    For full interview, click here.
  • CEO Ray Doustdar On Launching Your Next Business the Successful Way Posted by Admin

    Ray Doustdar

    With so many people starting businesses, MillionaireMatch decided to speak to an expert on entrepreneurship. Ray Doustdar is the creator and CEO of Buiced, a liquid multi-vitamin with a 98% absorption rate compared to 10-20% you get from taking pills. The idea for Buiced started with the decision for a new health journey . A journey he would start with his late father. After being frustrated with crushing up vitamin pills that would make him nauseous, Doustdar decided it was time to do something different and he would have to create it.

    The Ohio native is no stranger to entrepreneurship. He launched a dating site called teamdating.com in 2006. Lacking knowledge at the time on having a product in the internet space, the company lasted only a few years. That didn't stop Doustdar from learning new skills in preparation for his next venture. Doustdar shared his most valuable tips for any entrepreneur looking to launch a new business.

    MillionaireMatch: What was your line of work before creating Buiced?

    Ray: My entire pedigree of a career totally prepared me for this opportunity without knowing it. I started my career at Procter & Gamble and that's one of the best, if not the best, packaged goods and consumer product companies out there. So, I really started with an unbelievably solid foundation when it comes to building a brand and building a consumer brand. I was there for 5 years. I can honestly say without that foundation there's no way I would have been able to launch my own consumer product brand 15 years later.

    What I would like to tell a younger person or maybe someone who wants to be an entrepreneur is that you have to have a skill set. Figure out a way to leverage the skill set into your passion. For me, the initial skills I learned were brand management, sales and marketing for a consumer product. I can't tell you how much I fall back on everything I learned at Procter. That's what has enabled me to do this. From P&G, I worked at Universal Studios. I worked in a licensing capacity. I learned another valuable skill set which is licensing, merchandising and leveraging your own intellectual property in order to expand your business without directly being the manufacturer of that. For Buiced, we started out with a multi-vitamin product. It's really become a lifestyle brand now. People are living a lifestyle that's anchored by taking their shot of multi-vitamin. The lifestyle brand of Buiced is going to expand the licensing and merchandising in the very near future into other products that maybe I don't want to be the manufacturer of that. That's not my core competency. Instead, I'll go out and partner with the best company and we'll basically license our brand to that company in order to create that product category. I was then a partner in an entertainment brand management firm. We went out and partnered with a lot of really successful music artist including Nelly, Dave Mathews Band and OutKast. We helped build ancillary revenue outside their core business which at the time were touring and record sales. What I learned at that job was how to generate publicity, media and turn your artist and what they are doing into a trend. Now with Buiced, that's another skill set I've been able to implement.

    "When you launch a business, you have to have the pedigree and the skill set. Then connect the dots. Connect the dots from your past. Really put to use that knowledge base that's sitting there to launch what it is that you're passionate about."

    MM: After getting the idea for Buiced, what was the first step in creating the product?

    Ray: After a week of crushing up pills on my counter and dissolving them in water or putting them into my fresh vegetable juice, I felt so great. I'm not kidding. I felt so great. I didn't get nauseous. That nausea from the pill form vitamin would make me throw-up on a daily basis. I would suffer through that twenty minutes, because I needed the vitamin supplements. After that week, I thought there has to be a product out there that's doing what I want to do. There wasn't. So I sat there for about what felt like an hour but was probably five minutes and thought, oh my God, can I do this? Can I make this product? I am right now in front of my computer and I would pay $50 for a bottle of this. I said, can I do this? Yes, I absolutely can. So, what the hell do I do now?

    I started researching other brands. That's the beauty of the internet. Even though my product is not like 5 Hour Energy, how did they get started? What is 5 Hour Energy? Who founded 5 Hour Energy? I did the same with Red Bull, Rockstar and Monster. Again, totally different products. Buiced has no caffeine, no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. It's not an energy drink like those guys, but I thought here are brands that have created categories. If you think about it, before 5 Hour Energy there was no energy drink. For me, I know vitamins exist but my vision is to create a new category. I want to be part of your every day life. You get ready. You go downstairs and open your refrigerator, take a shot of Buiced and go about your day.

    The other one that really helped me was at the time 50 Cent had launched his SK energy shot. I thought to myself and remembering all the work I did with Nelly and all the hip hop guys. I thought there's no way 50 did this on his own. I bet you he's got some consulting company involved. I started researching SK energy shots. There was so much stuff on the internet. I was able to figure out who he went to see when it comes to beverage energy consultants. I'll be honest, I found those guys and set up a meeting with them. Without revealing my answer sheet, I gave enough information about what I was trying to create and I picked their brain like crazy. I was actually thinking about hiring them. I took it to contract stage and that became my roadmap. These guys wanted $25k to get to a prototype stage. I thought, they are basically telling me what I need to do. So I thought, okay Ray let's see how smart you really are in figuring this out. I literally took that contract and divided it up into steps. I did one step at a time over the course of 15 months. In 15 months, I was able to create Buiced.

    "Asking questions is invaluable. It really allows you how to figure out what you don't know."

    Ray (continued): I also can't stress enough, you gotta put in the work. Put in the work and figure it out. For example, the bottle that I use. I could have kept the first bottle that I used. If I had kept that bottle I would have paid twice as much for that bottle. The bottle I ended up with which was the exact same size and material [as the first one], but I found it at small local manufacturer instead of buying it out of Chicago. I was able to buy out of Los Angeles. I saved on shipping. When you launch a business, the closer to home you can keep everything the better. I can get in my car and drive to the bottle manufacturer.

    "Keep things manageable, controllable and local."

    MM: On the show Hatched in which you competed for a financial investor and won, why were you so adamant about not changing the product name?

    Ray: It's my name. It's just that simple. It's my brand. Here's how I came up with it. I literally was sitting going what the heck am I going to call this thing. I had a fresh vegetable juice that I just made. I had dumped the crush pills inside the juice. I had a piece of paper. I wrote the word juiced down. I started thinking, what is my product name? Well, it's a boost of vitamins for fresh vegetable juice. When I looked at the word juice and thought of the word boost for some reason I crossed out the 'j' and put a 'b'. All of sudden, it was Buiced. Then I looked at my list of vitamins: B, C, E and D. Four of the vitamins in a shot of Buiced was in the brand name. I thought this was perfect. This was meant to be. I didn't and I won't change the brand name. It's absolutely part of this life plan that I'm on. What's Google? What's Ebay? What's Yahoo? What's Uber now? When you say Uber, I don't think of a rideshare service at least not four years ago. At the end of the day, when it comes to a brand name, it's all about how you execute behind generating an awareness.

    MM: What advice would you give an entrepreneur that you wish was given to you?

    Ray: The traditional advice is to say you have to have passion for what you are doing. I realized passion is kind of a given. If you don't have passion for creating something and putting everything on the line there's small chance you'll succeed. It takes more than passion. "My advice and true words are execution and relentless."

    You gotta be relentless. That not only means going to the next door when a door gets closed in your face. What I mean is sacrificing Thursday happy hour, because you want to work. Sacrificing lounging on the weekend because you want to put in the work. Relentless getting your vision into fruition. A lot of entrepreneurs think that passion is enough. Are you ready to be relentless and sacrifice, make time for what you are trying to do? Make sure you are ready to put in the work.

    MM:What are your next plans for Buiced? Are you currently in stores?

    Ray: We are building this business as predominantly an online business. I normally tell people if I had the choice to be Amazon or WalMart, I want to be Amazon. I feel like right now people want convenience, quality and they want products to show up when they want them on their timing. It's all because of the internet. Without the internet, launching a consumer product the traditional way prior to 2000 or even 2005 required an unbelievable amount of investment dollars. With the internet, you have a channel of distribution and you have a way to deliver your product to consumers in almost as efficient fashion as if they got into their car to go shopping. I want to grow up and be Amazon more than I want to grow up and be WalMart. Our focus is on commerce space. Once we've built the brand to a certain level, if our consumers really want to purchase at retail, we will make that decision.

    MM: I'm going to switch gears. As a former member of MillionaireMatch, did you find the site interesting and useful for a busy CEO like yourself?

    Ray: I found MM to be very effective and useful for someone that knows what they want and are pressed with time. I even think it was more efficient than these new Dating Apps, even though it is a full blown website. These APP only ones start our promising and then just become a cumbersome time drain!

    MM: Do you think online dating works?

    Ray: Online dating 100% works, as long as you treat it as just another way to potentially meet someone and NOT put undue pressure on "it" so that you think if you don't find love in the first month, it doesn't work. If you think about it, if you are still single, then technically everything else you have done including going out to meet people "doesn't work" or "hasn't worked"...but it's not like you will abandon all of those methods after one month. Give it a chance, be realistic, and put your best foot forward. Also, be real on there. Do not mislead people with outdated pictures or try and tell the story you think they want to read. Instead, tell YOUR story.

    For more information on Buiced, please check www.buiced.com and www.EverydayJuicer.com for you start to a healthier lifestyle.