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    The weekend is full of festivities with awards season in full swing. Vanessa Simmons, daughter of Rev. Run of Run D.M.C and niece of Russell Simmons, hosted an event for the ladies to enjoy. The Girlfriends and Champagne Spa Party was held at the beautiful Castaway restaurant in Burbank, California. Hazel-E, who co-hosted the event, was joined by Elise Neal, Meghan James, Brandi Maxiell, Kamie Crawford, and Zena Foster. MillionaireMatch was there to enjoy the festivities while getting the scoop on what’s happening with these Hollywood beauties.

    Simmons expressed the importance of holding events that empower women. The entrepreneur, who has started fashion lines and was a judge on Project Runway, says she is passionate about seeing women work together and excel in business. Simmons was also very excited to talk about family. “My brother just had a baby and I am so excited about that as well as my sister [Angela Simmons] will be having a son,” she said.

    Hazel-E lit up the room in a beautiful canary dress and a smile. She snapped photos and chatted with her girlfriends, reality star Meghan James and actress Lamiya Good. Good spoke on what she thought made a good girlfriend, “Loyalty and someone who will not gossip about you,” she said. Good has been touring with the hit stage show, Married But Single, which will be having it’s second run sometime in August. She discussed how hard stage work was compared to being in front of a camera, but she has been loving every minute of working as a theater actress. Well took a two-year hiatus from the industry, so getting used to a grueling rehearsal schedule was anything but easy. She looks forward to landing her next gig on the small screen doing sitcoms.

    Elise, who was the star of the show Hollywood Divas, talked about what it means to be a good girlfriend. “One you can get your advice from and they really have your best interest at heart. Someone you can have fun with. Someone you can cry with. Someone you can giggle with,” she says. The actress will not be returning for the second season of Hollywood Divas. On not returning to the show Neal says, “The owner of TV One, Cathy Hughes, asked me to do it [the show] and to get it greenlit and that’s exactly what I did. I had fun. I enjoyed different avenues. That’s what I enjoyed from it.” Neal recently wrapped on Wolverine 3. The 50-year actress doesn’t look a day over 30 years old with a body that recently broke the internet when a photo of her wearing a bikini was released. “There’s no secret. You have to take that hour and get in the gym. That’s what you have to do,” Neal said on staying summer ready.

    Guests enjoyed the best pampering and delicious bites and, of course, champagne. Free massages, make-up application, nails, delicious desserts and a little shopping were all available. Thanks to Hustle Gurl Entertainment for putting together a day of relaxation and girlfriend fun.

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    Television Academy

    The Television Academy celebrated 70 years with over 70 stars at the Academy's NoHo Arts District campus last week. Lea Michele, Bellamy Young, Felicity Huffman, Chelsea Handler, Kevin Dobson, Suzanne Somers, Bob Eubanks, and Loretta Devine were just a few of the many stars who came out. The event brought together cast members from some of the most memorable shows from the past like The Brady Bunch, Love Boat and Seinfeld. Everyone had their eyes on a childhood favorite, Lassie, who was among the stars walking the carpet.

    MillionaireMatch talked to the stars about television today, the shows we missed and even got a little relationship advice from actress Lisa Edelstein (The Girlfriends Guide to Divorce).

    The Academy also honored four broadcast networks with the Hall of Fame Cornerstone Award. Ben Sherwood, Co-Chairman, Disney/ABC Television Group, Nina Tassler, former Chairman, CBS Entertainment, Peter Rice, Chairman and CEO of Fox Networks Group, and Robert Greenblatt, Chairman, NBC Entertainment were honored with the award.

    Luckily for the guests, they got the chance to see the Saban Media Center where the awards ceremony was held.

    The Saban Media Center, named after Haim Saban, is a state-of-the-art 600-seat Wolf Theatre- carrying the name of Dick and Noelle Wolf. All of the sound and projection equipment was donated by Dolby.

    The event closed with a "class picture" of all the stars celebrating this unforgettable moment. The Academy continues to raise money to reach its $40 million goals that will help aspiring filmmakers and professionals.

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    Kevin O’Leary

    Kevin O’Leary is more than just a quick biting TV personality on the hit show Shark Tank. O’Leary recently hosted an art exhibit for his photographic series, “Irreconcilable Images”, at Timothy Yarger Fine Art in Beverly Hills. The cozy, trendy space was filled with Hollywood’s best, including English lyricists and artists, Bernie Taupin and President of Dick Clark Productions, Michael Mahan. MillionaireMatch was happy to catch a few moments with Mr. O’Leary.

    O’Leary has been a photographer since the 1970s. n the 1980s, he began working professionally for places like the Discovery Channel, traveling all over the world. “I always found interesting images,” O’Leary said. “This one [exhibit] is about questions, no answers just questions,” he continued. O’Leary curates different shows throughout the year, using some of the 500,000 photos he has taken during his lifetime. From this exhibit, he chose photos from his travels in Europe. From two lifeguards sitting at their base with only one head showing and four legs to a photo of his wife’s thigh, the collection had each guest talking.

    The exhibit was designed to not only spark conversation, but to also benefit the Perry J. Cohen Foundation. The foundation was established in honor of the late Cohen who went missing at sea in July 2015 at the age of 14. His parents, Pamela Cohen and stepfather, Nicholas Korniloff, started the foundation to create awareness and education on being safe at sea. They will also offer scholarships and financial assistance to students who plan to further their education in Marine Science and Marine Wildlife.

    The sales of each print showcased in O’Leary’s collection also went to entrepreneurial teenagers in honor of the late Cohen, who possessed a strong entrepreneurial spirit and love for people.

    Guests enjoyed delicious bites that included asparagus and mushroom turnover, tuna tartare and NY strip steak bites all compliments of STK Los Angeles. To cool down between taking in O’Leary’s thought provoking photos, guests sipped on a white or red from Kevin O’Leary Fine Wines.

    ABC recently announced that Shark Tank will have a season 8. The show continues to offer the American dream to people from all walks of life looking to secure capital for their ideas. The Sharks are billionaire Mark Cuban, real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran, QVC Queen Lori Greiner, technology expert Robert Herjavec and fashion expert Daymond John. O'Leary has been with the show since the first season, in 2009. He has invested more than $8.5 million to over 40 deals. A premiere date has yet to be released for season 8.

    We had to get at least one tip on what gets O’Leary’s attention. On what makes the perfect pitch, “Short and sweet. That’s it. The most successful Shark Tank pitches are 60 seconds or less.”

    For more information on the Perry J. Cohen foundation, www.perryjcohenfoundation.org.

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    Famously Single

    Famously Single Premieres Tuesday On E!

    John Irwin of Irwin Entertainment is bringing eight of your favorite celebrities together in the highly anticipated series, Famously Single. Aubrey O' Day, Brandi Glanville, Pauly D, Calum Best, Jessica White, Josh Murray, Somaya Reece and Willis McGahee open their hearts for a chance to find love.

    But before they make that next commitment, they will have to confront themselves with the help of relationship expert Dr. Darcy Sterling. In sixteen days, she pushes them to reveal the most intimate details of their past for a chance to heal and have a healthy relationship. She'll guide the stars through a series of activities that promises a true transformation.

    MillionaireMatch had the chance to speak to Irwin about the show and why he chose to get behind it as the producer. Irwin is one of the top non-fiction/live producers who also recently produced the NBC event, "Red Nose Day". Irwin Entertainment has also produced VH1's Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew and currently, Couples Therapy with Dr. Jenn and Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn.

    "It just felt like it was time for a show like this," Irwin says. "Everybody is having such a tough time finding that other person," he says. "There's a lot of celebrities out there and people who are literally at a point that when it comes to love, dating and finding that person, they are stuck," continues Irwin. We have even witnessed some of these tough times, break-ups and make-ups from watching some of the stars on reality shows.

    So what do you get when you have a house full of famously single stars trying to work out their issues? Drama! Irwin says, "It's very entertaining. It's a lot of drama and a lot of craziness goes on."

    We also love that it is 100% real. No script was needed with this cast of big personalities. The combined chemistry created organic fireworks as the camera picked up every single moment. We can't wait to see Pauly D and Aubrey give their love another chance and to get the scoop on why Dr. Darcy says Brandi is "misunderstood".

    Irwin says he doesn't want the show to be for pure entertainment but hopes it will help viewers struggling with the same issues when it comes to love. "It's about what's inside you, and what you need to be working on," he says. "No matter how perfectly matched you are to whomever you are with, it's always a challenge," Irwin continues.

    Irwin Entertainment will soon be going digital, producing two Netflix projects with comedians, Tracy Morgan, and Jim Jefferies. Until then, we will enjoy being a fly on the wall while watching Famously Single.

    Famously Single premieres Tuesday, June 14th on E! at 10|9c.

    John Irwin
    John Irwin. Photo provided by NBC Universal
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    Robert Herjavec

    Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec Releases Book On Creating Success: “It’s Up to You to Make Yourself Successful.”

    Robert Herjavec has a life that many people dream about, and his new book, You Don’t Have to Be a Shark, offers advice on how a “non-business person” can achieve the American dream. Herjavec is one of the stars on the popular ABC show, Shark Tank. It is the most bought show on network television with 35 episodes last year. MillionaireMatch caught a live conversation on the Shark’s current book tour.

    Herjavec, known as the nice Shark, has created quite a career for himself. An immigrant from Croatia, he grew up on a farm and was raised by his grandmother. Life was good until he went to school and quickly learning that he was poor. Constantly teased and pushed around, Herjavec says, “ I felt like I never fit in like I wasn’t strong enough or good at anything. I was always the outsider.” These early memories of being picked on were his motivation. “I felt if I made a lot of money one day or just became successful in something, I could really show it to them,” he says. Years later, Herjavec drove through his old neighborhood sporting his first fancy car, a Ferrari. Though he admits it was a “stupid” idea because none of his old classmates lived in his hometown anymore, the moment did encourage him to keep going.

    He didn’t always know he would be successful, but he was sure he didn’t want to live the same way he grew up. “Mark Cuban said to me, ‘When I was 12 years old, I knew I was going to be rich.’ I remember thinking, wow! I didn’t know that. I just didn’t want to be poor,” he explained. Herjavec got his first job working in the film industry as a producer. At 19, he produced the winter Olympics for Canada and later commercials for Kraft. With this first taste of success, he planned to move to Los Angeles and become the next Martin Scorsese. Unfortunately, he couldn’t get a job. As bills continued to roll in, he soon found himself in the computer industry. Herjavec had no prior experience in computers but managed to talk himself into getting an interview at a start-up headed by a former IBM president. By age 30, he was one of the top people in the computer industry. This was the start of his financial success.

    Today, he has a cybersecurity business that brings in $158 million dollars. He started this business 11 years ago with one office, two employees and $400k in sales. The company now has 300 employees with offices all over the world.

    Herjavec also splits his time managing almost 43 companies that he has invested in since being on Shark Tank. One of his favorite investments from the show is a company called Tipsy Elves which started off with making funny Christmas sweaters. The company is projected to bring in $17 million this year.

    “What makes someone successful? I think the one thing we can agree on is where people fail in business is typically their inability to absorb failure. In business, you hear the word no and you get rejected way more than you ever win. So, it’s your ability to adapt,” Herjavec says on the pitfalls of a business. “Great entrepreneurs adapt to the situation. They have the ability to see the wall before they hit it,” he continues. As an immigrant, he thinks there is so much opportunity in America. The sky is not the limit. “The thing about being in America, no one cares where you are from. If you can add value, people will give you an opportunity. That’s what I love about business in America,” he says. Not only is Herjavec a success in business but he has found recent success in love. After going through a divorce, he pushed past his feelings of depression and signed up for a show that would lead him to his current fiancee. He pens in his book, “Kym became more than my partner on the dance floor. She became my source of happiness and joy at a level I had not experienced in a long time.” Kym Johnson, who is a professional dancer on the show Dancing with the Stars, was paired with Herjavec. They soon fell for each other. “She was lucky to meet me,” Herjavec says jokingly. We look forward to watching them both live a life of love and success.