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At what point should you become Exclusive?

This is a question that is on most people's lips when entering into a new relationship, but when is a good time for this to be up for discussion? After a few dates? After a few months? When it becomes sexual? What if you aren't both in sync? What if one person is ready to commit before the other? Should it even be up for discussion at all or should it just happen naturally?


When it becomes sexual

Its a rare occurrence to be lucky enough to meet someone online within a close proximity to where you live, so a high percentage of couples who meet in this way find the one compromise they have to deal with is a long distance relationship. You soon learn to love the T word, because in these circumstances you have to trust the other person otherwise its pointless going any further. You have to trust they aren't still enjoying the endless attention online dating brings with it, while you both all




Someone will always want to drag it out

When you meet someone via online dating it certainly has its positives, we are widening our choices by creating a higher level of exposure, that's why we joined in the first place because the "old school" dating process wasn't working....So with this new found freedom of choice, off we go window shopping for the new love of our life, so with every positive comes a negative and that is we are up against some tough competition here!!! This has become more like survival of the fittest bec

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Which platform do you prefer for online dating: ap...

Apps and mobile site do make it convenient to get connected with like-minded people anywhere anytime. Do you prefer to use apps for online dating? Or do you only use a dating site on a computer? Why?

the tie that binds

Is sex or love 'the tie that binds' a relationship


Make as many friends as possible , or pick the person next to you in the grocery store?

A plus size woman can't not be loved by a rich man...

How about the ''beauty''. is a few extra pounds a problem for start a relationship with a woman no matter how beautiful and sweet she is?