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Is chivalry dead? Where are the knights who bowed and kissed the maidens hands?


Being attentive like a noble knight

A person who feels appreciated will always do more. Being courteous, polite and mannerly does make her feel like a million bucks.




Being too nice can be mistaken for flirtation

It is so foreign to some that they don't realize when someone is being nice to the genuinely and then do not appreciate the gesture.

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Long Distance Dating....wondrrful/impossible...

Since this site is both national and international, should the opportuinity to meet a love that's not local be welcomed or rejected?

First date Chemistry ...

Do you need that chemistry on a first date? What about nerves? Can you do something to ease an awkward first meeting?

"I want a man that knows how to treat a woman."...

The definition of "how to treat a woman" seems to be open to opinion and interpretation. In conjunction with the use of this dating site, many seem to use it as a declaration of a desire for financia...