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Fit or Not ATTN MEN

We live in a day and age where anyone, with the right resources, can achieve the body that they want. Weight loss surgeries, contouring, exercise, and healthy eating along with determination, can literally transform a person within a year (depending on their goals, maybe less). If you found someone who you connected with, and felt a strong pull towards, but who wasn't completely fit, but wanted to be......would you walk away or utilize the tools listed above for a lifetime of love and happiness?


I would walk through fire to be with an incredible person.

Absolutely! If our correspondence produced enough of a foundation then I would happily walk hand in hand through to obtain this kind of goal. If nothing else, in the end I would still end up with a good friend. Even if a relationship didn't turn permanent.




Life is moving to quickly to wait.

I would rather not. With all the people in the world, I don't have the time or desire to wait for someone to achieve the level of fitness that I wish for in a partner.

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