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the tie that binds

Is sex or love 'the tie that binds' a relationship


Sex is great!

Even if I dont love the other person, it is great! But, if I do love the other person, it (or so Ive heard) can be fantastic! Sex, however, has got to be there.




Love is the tie that binds.

Sex with a person I love can be fantastic. ! Ive even heard that, as love deepens, sex can go on being fantastic. But sex, alone? Come onnn... As a colleague said, "Theres a lot to be said about being single: I can eat off a different "plate" every night!" If sex is it, why commit? Love is the tie that binds - otherwise human beings wouldnt take the time and trouble to stay pair bonded (according to a research article) It takes about 18 years to raise a child: thats a

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