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First date Chemistry

Do you need that chemistry on a first date? What about nerves? Can you do something to ease an awkward first meeting?


Chemistry is everything and if it does not exist on a first date then Im out!!!!

First impressions in person can make or break a date, lets be honest and just say that if there are no sparks then whats the point!!!! If the date sits there and doesn't engage in conversation then that's a character flaw in the date or myself- If there's a spark then theres validation that chemistry exists and you can move forward!!




Relationsips take time , need time to nurture a relationship!!!!

Weve all had experiences that did not start off well and blossom into something special, maybe its timing, maybe its nerves, maybe it was a bad day that we never hear about because we Judged too soon!! Relationships take time, give love a chance!!!!!

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