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Is it ever acceptable to ask for money from your dating partner?

In the world on high powered men and women it's not always common that both the man and the female are on the same financial status. So if one is in need on financial help is it OK or not okay to ask the other for financial assistance?


One might look at it that if they love me they are willing to help me out and it should not be a big deal.

Three is no upside. If your partner does give you money he may think you are a hot mess and therefore you aren't as attractive to them as you were before.




No it's not. If your partner has not offered to help you don't ask.

Problem with dating men that are established is that you never know who is dating your for the right purpose. Asking someone for assistance will make them think that you are only dating them for the financial factor.

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Would you doubt the girl's love towards the man if he is 20 years older than the girl?

I know it's acceptable for a man to date with a woman 20 years younger than him, but many people seem to look at the girl as someone looking for a sugar daddy. How would you think if you see a girl dating a man much older than her? Would you think she is in love with his money instead of him?

Sex on the first date?

Do you think a relationship goes anywhere if you have sex on the first date? Do you think it makes a difference if you wait or not?

Is it ever acceptable for a woman to look for a younger man?

It is perfectly acceptible for a man of any age to desire young women when they are searching for appropriate mates or whatever they are searching for but seems so frowned upon for the same to be said of a woman. No one gives a thought to the man with a 20 year younger woman on his arm, but if a woman has a young man escorting her about she is called a cougar..... Even on the myriad of dating sites out there, whenever a "suggested" match is supplied the men invaribly are about the age of the woman and upwards to 10 years her senior, or more. So what exactly are the acceptable age brackets for a woman in search?