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intelligentblonde and OceanWave2002, Southampton/Portsmouth, Hampshire, United Kingdom
I met a man who is beyond amazing on your site. Absolutely beyond anything I could have dreamed of. We met a year ago tomorrow. We are now separating but the love we have for each other will never die....and the fact that I can feel this beautiful about our relationship right now kind of shows how far I have come in this year- he has changed my life. I think we both thought that this type of site would be full of crazy people, and neither of us are materialistic types....he was pushed into it by friends, and I was trying to get a lift by having someone take me out who didn't mind I was skint.....instead we got an amazing spiritual connection which will last a lifetime and beyond. Even though I have had a largely happy and love life up til now, and this hasn't ended in the fairytale way, this time has made me realise everything I have, and everything I will be- the most amazing and true love. Hell, maybe I will even use the site again- could there be another spiritual giant out there?!!

Advice to other members:

If you are grateful for what you already have, and know exactly what you want and why- the universe might just put out for you!