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realisticwoman and SoloHitman, Wtown, NY, United States

When Solo first sent me an instant message, I would have never imagined in my wildest dreams that he would become my husband. Being though as we both had tried on line dating before and were not happy with the results we decided to give millionaire a try. Not thinking we were going to meet anyone, we both figured we would make some new friends. We started chatting on millionaire and we realized that we had so much in common that we exchanged numbers and began to call each other on a regular basis. We would stay on the phone for hours talking about whatever came to mind. Solo came to my home to visit me a short time later, not knowing that we lived so close to each other and we haven't been apart since. We were married July 7, 2007. Just when we were giving up on love we found it on this site. Just wanted to say thank you for creating this site, without I don't think we would have found each other.