We met the Love of our Life for each other

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Marianne and S┬┐ren, Fallsl Church, Virginia, United States
We lived on two different continents, started a dialogue, met finally on a
third continent, in our own home country and will never be apart again!
Thank You!
We winked both in Feb -09. After that NO activity from either party. (He
was in rural Africa with terrible Internet connection for months.)
Then on June 30th -09, back in Europe, he winked again. I replied with a
cocky "Surely you must have more to say than a wink!" And signed it with
my name and a "Waiting in anticipation".
He did, we exchanged a few emails that day and decided to meet two days
later. We did. A lunch that took 3,5 hours and people calling our cell
phones like crazy as we had other engagements (work related) that just had
to wait for us... We met the day after, for dinner, as soon as he had
landed at the airport after a day trip abroad for work reasons. This is now
just short of a month ago and we are WAY beyond certain that we are the
Love of our Life for each other. Merging household and selecting how on
each of the three continents we are to live... EXTREMELY Happy!