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sugeshae , Culver City, CA, United States
I basically searched for men in my area. I had my eye on one guy and sent him a "hello". He immediately responded something like, "want to meet for coffee" and left his number. So in my head I'm already thinking this is him. I called him the next day and we made plans for Saturday. The funny thing is he invited me to his house and I went. I guess our phone chemistry had a lot to do with it. I called my girlfriend and gave her the address just in case. To make a long story short, I went over there that night. We hung out all weekend. It was pretty amazing. Since then we've been together everyday. We are expecting a baby in October. I couldn't be happier. We found love.

Actually the reason I joined was because of my best friend. She met a man and three months later they were engaged. By 7 months they were married. Now they are pregnant. I guess I need to thank MillionaireMatch for changing ours lives in a major way!! Thank you!!