We found each other....the "woodmistr" and m

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arielspecialtea, New Port Richey, FL, United States
We found each other....the "woodmistr" and me. Old soul buddies. Many things in common. I e-mailed Richard when I went off the air in Oct., 2007. In Feb., 2008...perseverance dropped a fond wink and he picked up my little white silk handkerchief and he has been holding it against his heart ever since. We only live 6 miles from each other and may have even crossed paths in the last ten years in the area, however, it truly was MM that helped to bridge the gap. Who would have guessed that two kindred souls would find each other as often read about on many online stories and believe that it could be true. We give thanks to MM and all the heavenly energies that helped to make our lives have meaning. It has almost been one month in our friendship bond whereas it seems we have known each other all of our lives. Something wonderful has been granted us and we acknowledge that and give thanks.