We are very happy together!

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Fitnesslina, Göteborg, Vastra Gotaland, Sweden
I looked at his profile and emailed him that i liked his profile. He replied the same day saying the same. The very next day we were texting and sending pics to one another on Whatsapp. Two days later we started skyping with eachother and did so every day for 10 days til we met. First time we met I went to him in the UK and stayed for 7 days (!) and after that he came back with me to Sweden for 4 days.

We skype every day or whatsapp and will meet again in two weeks time. He all ready bought the plane tickets. Im going over to see him then two weeks after that again (bought my tickets too all ready).

I will send pictures when we met eachother for a longer period of time, hope that is ok. I´ll send you a couple in 6 weeks.

All the best and THANK YOU again!