We are getting married on August 2, 2009. Thank you MM site!

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Moondog56 and Tru2Udear
The day my profile appeared online, I received several winks. One of them was from Phillip. I looked at his profile and thought why not wink back. That was late in November. We had nothing in common but we did start to e-mail each other. I am a recent widow and I didn't really think much about actually finding a partner for life. I did date a few other members of Millionaire. But Phillip and I kept writing to each other. We didn't meet until March as he lives almost 3 hours away.

We met on March 2 when Phillip decided to drive down to my town. We had planned to meet at the IHOP and if we hit it off, he would follow me back home. He was standing next to his van when I drove into the parking lot and he told me that he thought that I would see him and then just drive away, how wrong he was!

I got out of my car and we hugged Hello. We walked into the restaurant hand in hand. When we sat down, I knocked over my water glass; that was Phillip's first introduction to my clumsiness. He claims this is our Hallmark memory but he also agrees that when our hands touched for the first time, there was an electricity that passed between us. After breakfast, he did follow me home and he told me he was feeling rather insane-I was worried for a moment when I asked him, insane, how? He said he felt we were fated to be married.

I am 57 and I knew my late husband since I was 13 years old. We grew up together and had a wonderful 34 years together before brain cancer took him from me. I never thought I would have another love in my life again. I was wrong. Phillip is 53 and we are so in love. God was good to us both. Phillip has custody of his two children, Matt is 19 and Rebecca is 12. They have accepted me into their family and I so look forward to being a mom again.

We are as different as different can be. Phillip is a doctor and a funeral director and I am an artist and a writer. I have 15 Greyhounds which I breed for performance and show. Phillip has 3 cats. Phillip is a Southern gentleman born and raised in Georgia. I am a brassy, direct New Yorker who moved to Georgia in October for a complete change and to start over. Phillip is a very devout Christian fundamentalist and I was born Jewish. My degree is in biology, I am empirically educated and my beliefs are based in Science. Although religion was never a part of my upbringing. I am Christian and I have joined Phillip's church.

Phillip is building a luxurious kennel and studio for me and my Greyhounds. He has become quite fond of my dogs. We are getting married August 2 2009. We leave for New York next Wednesday as we will marry there. Phillip will be in culture shock when he meets my family and friends and visits NY for the first time. We will have another ceremony here in Georgia for his family and friends and I know for sure that I will be looked upon as the "damned Yankee" that snagged Union County's most eligible and desirable bachelor.

I did not expect to write such a long description but there you have it. We do thank you for playing Cupid.

Karen Lorenzo and Phillip Meeks

Advice to other members:

As for tips to other subscribers of Millionaire. I don't really have any wisdom to impart except this: always keep humor in your relationship and full disclosure. Truth, and open communication are ALWAYS essential elements. This served me and my late husband well in our 34 years of a happy marriage. We were best friends. Phillip and I are becoming best friends and friendship is the glue that bonds us with the tightest of seals.