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ti*******09 and Wildhorse7, Monroe, WA, United States
I initiated contact in November 2008. We emailed briefly, then came the Holidays.
In January, I made contact again to ask about the Holidays - and we haven't stopped since then with our communications. We had a 5 hour email marathon with that January email...and it continued every single day through the middle of March. March is when we began calling each other and talking for hours.

Then in April, he invited me to fly to CA to meet and go to a Concert. We hit if off immediately and really enjoyed each other's company. We have the same spiritual and moralistic beliefs, the same likes and dislikes, same political views, etc. We think alike!

After that it was continuous care packages back and forth, flights back and forth, emails, phone calls, etc. We spent this past Thanksgiving and Christmas together,
and now he has made the decision to more/relocate to Washington. His house is for sale and he is already packing up his belongings in preparation for the big move.

He likes my kids and they like him. He is an honorable man, and if he did not plan on marrying me he would never have wanted to meet my kids. So Yes, there will be plans for marriage as we could not find another person we could both be more compatible with.