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rj***z, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
We corresponded through your web site a couple of times & then my man gave me his email address. I knew as soon as I saw him he was the one for me, my instincts are always correct. The correspondence continued every second day & sometimes every day, then I received a phone call from him, he said he just wanted to hear my voice. Later more phone calls. He also sent another photo & a very long personal email about himself, it was so beautiful, he is very romantic. He is traveling for business at the moment and he is going to let me know when he gets to Australia so that we can meet & spend some time together (3weeks together). I know I am going to marry this man, he is a beautiful person & I have found my soul mate.

He has told me he loves me & I love him also. After the 3 weeks holiday he is going back home to pack up and move here permanently, he is buying a house for us. He already refers to me as his wife and has told me he loves me, and yes, I love him also. This has been destined for us to meet like
this and for us to have a long and happy life together. I had always been totally honest with him and have respect for who he is.

Thank you for your web site and the most glorious man in my life. I hope that everyone is as lucky as I am. I love him with all my heart & he the same.
I think if everyone is themselves, honest, not big noting themselves, respectful, not pushy, patient and kind, this must be for themselves first, for who they are before they can receive that gift of love from someone they are searching for. Have faith that this only happens when God chooses & is the right time in your life.

Good luck to all those on your site, I would highly recommend it to others, it was always professional. The other men I also spoke to were very nice, nothing sleazy or over the top, very courteous & polite.
Again I say thank you for introducing me to my new husband to be, he is gorgeous and we are in LOVE. Will let you know when we marry and where we settle.