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patsandsoxfan, Massachusetts, United States
After just a few days of my membership on Millionaire Match, I found Lori(name changed for privacy), and since I was a brand new member, I wasn't sure how people reach out to each other, so I tried sending her a cute wink. Surprisingly, she winked right back at me, so I sent her an email.After exchanging a few more pictures and emailing each other for a week or so, we arranged a time to talk on the telephone.

It didn't take long for us to meet for dinner. I never thought I'd experience love at first sight, but Lori and I just couldn't take our eyes off of each other the whole time. As we talked more and more, I felt like I was talking with someone I'd known for years. We just had so many things in common, including our attraction for each other!

It's been just over two months now and speaking for both of us, we want to thank Millionaire Match so very much. Without you, we would have never found each other and have you to thank for the joy that we share each day and the hope for a future together.

Best of Luck in 2012!