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Se*******11, Miami, FL, United States
I met him online one week ago. He lives in Florida, 2 hours away from me. He came
to visit me and my 2 kids with his daughters. We went to the beach and now are
planning a trip for the upcoming weekend.

It is all about being honest regarding who you are and sharing that with your
potential match, knowing what you are looking for and communicating what makes you
happy. If you both want the same things in a partner, you are compatible and a good
fit. I was very honest in my profile about who I am and the type of man that I am
looking for and he fits the bill. I guess I fit his bill, too!. It was also good to
talk to him a lot in the phone before meeting in order to get to know each other
better. So, I gave him my phone number and he called me. I don't really like
texting to replace old fashioned conversation. We talked a lot on the phone and
became friends first.

Thank you MM match. It was a great investment of my time and money!