My king found me !

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sunydays, Murrieta, CA, United States
We decided to meet ... so i bought him a crown because he is English ,,lol and he calls me his queen .... i did not kiss him on the first i did not want him to think i was easy !now it's been 9mos & 20days ... and now he gets a few kisses ... but he will have to wait for more lol yeah that's just me ...

He was the first man that i kissed ! on this site ! and i don't do anything else so we when out a few times well dating others ... i do nothing but kiss hahaha so i went through a lot of guys yeah they fine that i only kiss and then they run ! lol so i just kept on going out with my King ! and yeah ! it just works i really like him a lot ! time will tell !

thanks ...Sammy