My fairy tale romance has come true!

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6F***VA and edward33222, Miami Beach, FL, United States

Initially we met in person in NY at the US OPEN.....Of course there was some attraction, but most definitely some apprehension from my part being that he was 30 years older than me...We had a great time that week. He went home to California, and I went home to Miami...We kept in touch (although very briefly) until we somehow rediscovered each other on your site! By that time, I had certainly reconsidered dating an older man. As a result, I realized that he was indeed my Prince Charming! My fairy tale has begun. He asked me to come out to visit him in July 2006 and I have been here ever since! In October 2006 he proposed with a 5carat diamond engagement ring! We are getting married Memorial Day Weekend(2007) in Vegas, at the Bellagio! In one week actually! I am totally esctatic! For my fairy tale romance has come true!