It was him who found me

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ia*********08, Ladys Island, SC, United States
Yes, it was him who found me. Supposably one of my profile pictures caught his eye.He said, when he saw the look in my eyes on that pictures that "he knew" I would be
the one. The personal profile also matched his which he did not diclose on the site.He had winked, I responded per wink. He was pursistant enough to stick with
communicating per email. Several days later we spoke on the phone for over 4 hours.The second day, another 4 hrs. The third-well you got the picture! We decided to
meet, but he had to prove to me 1st he was whom he said. I figured what the heck, if THAT would make him mad or chase him off, then that proved dishonesty. He proved to me everything that I needed and then some to be comfortable with his identity. We met this past Sat. spent the entire day together, got home and spoke again on the phone for another hour. We are so much alike that we "know" how the other will respond, think and do. We are "mirrored" personalities. It is as if we had known each other our
entire lives. We are THAT much alike. We have spoken of a future together with marriage down the road. We will also be able to share business ventures together,although NOT our main focus!

Internet "dating" was something that "we" thought we would never have done. This was our 1st time and so unlike us. Your site made it very easy for me to manage. My
computer skills are quite challenged!!! The membership fee was fair enough to "give it a try" knowing how careful one must be without throwing money out the window. I
have recommended your site to others. Your site does all it can to be reputable and safe. Crooks will be crooks. YOU can not help the dishonesty and trash that happens.

Again, thank you for your services and the excellant support from your friendly staff. Everytime that I called the staff was more then helpful, curtious, and friendly. Please extend my thanks to all of them! I will certianly keep in touchwith the progress.

Best Regards,