I've found a great match from this website. Thank you!

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rs4237 , Orange, CA, United States
Thank you. It's still relatively new but a member from your service contacted me mid-December via email. We emailed back and forth a handful of times for a couple of weeks and then moved forward to speaking on the phone. We spoke a total of a few weeks when he asked to come out and meet me.

He's from Seattle and I'm from Detroit. He came out to see me for a weekend. Since then I've seen him in Arizona and he's flying in to see me in Detroit this weekend. It's been two and a half months that I've known him. We have a few trips booked out to see one another in the next month and a half so things seem to be going well. :)

Best guy I've ever met and I met him in a way I would have never thought to pursue, this was my first online dating experience ever, so thank you!