I met this really nice, handsome, and good guy through MillionaireMatch in or around September, 2008

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Golfgalmatch , Palm Desert, CA, United States
I met this really nice, handsome, and good guy through MillionaireMatch in or around September, 2008. I liked him immediately, but I am very cautious, so I was somewhat reserved. I put him in my speed dial and was awaiting his call. I was actually quite excited, since I only made it to a second date with one other person; I am very picky. He did not call. I was disappointed, because he was EXACTLY the type I was looking for, so I though that he did not like me. I dropped him a polite note thanking him for coming to meet me. He thought that I did not like him enough to "knock my socks off", so he pulled back. Because I have been around the world and am somewhat cultured, he also thought that I might not be the down to earth, casual type he was looking for. We had a couple of pleasant e-mails, but eventually lost touch. I few months ago I thought of him again and since I still had his number in my speed dial, I gave him a call. I explained that I am just not the type who jumps into intimacy and wanted to know if he would care to "hang out" sometimes and do "stuff". We spoke a few times, but I live in Palm Desert and he is in Los Angeles, so getting together was not so easy. He said on the phone once that it is too bad I don't live closer. Well, I was looking for a job at that time, so I told him that "you might get your wish" because I would relocate for a good job. One thing lead to another, and now I am working for him. Here is the twist, though. I LOVE MY JOB, and NEED my job. He is a great boss and I am pretty sure that he is very happy with my work. Having recently lost my business, I am grateful for the opportunity and can't afford to mess it up. Since we started to work together, he has not brought-up anything about "us" in a romantic sense, and I am also very professional, although we do get along well and the work atmosphere is very casual and friendly. Since I got to know him better, now I REALLY like him!!!!! I took myself off of MillionaireMatch because after receiving hundreds of e-mails; corresponding with dozens of people and having met a few, he is the only one that I not only like and am attracted to, but we are also a good match in every sense; age, religion, politics, interest, business, sense of humor, etc. Even so, right now I would be a fool to put my job in jeopardy! It is not just another job, it is a great opportunity for me to build a very successful new career. I believe he must feel similarly, even if he does like me in "that way", which I am not even sure of. At this time I have no idea if this will develop into anything else, but have neither the time or the desire to meet any one else. So, you see, I don't know if you would call this a "success story", but I do, even if we just end up doing business and become friends.

I would not have met him if it was not for being on MillionaireMatch, so thank you. I think you are a very good organization, and most of my experiences during my membership of about a year were positive. Your website is fun and works well and your service and support are excellent. The few wackos I came across with and reported you promptly took action against. I would and have recommend you to any one who is looking to meet quality people.