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EyesInTheSky and N/A
After many years of meeting the wrong men and praying I would one day meet the right man... I did. He is an incredible human being and a wonderful partner. I am looking forward to life with him.

I had been asked many times to compromise on my profiles to find someone who be "more" compatible with me. I refused to compromise. I would rather have spent my life alone. I had basically given up on meeting anyone through any of the sites I had tried and I was going to delete my subscriptions. Your site was the last of the three I was subscribed to that I was deleting. When I opened the site, I saw the profile of someone who had most everything in common with me. We began communicating via phone and text. We met for our first date and have been building the most beautiful relationship I have ever had. Neither of us can believe how well we work together. I have not met anyone in my entire single life who remotely came close to this perfect match. We both consider ourselves very fortunate. I have read testimonials before, but thought they were fabricated. I can honestly say, if this is what others have found, the testimonials are not fabricated.