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Tu****rs and Stacey, Dallas, TX, United States
I really think that for the quality of persons we both needed to find that your Millionaire Match site was the only way this could have gotten off the ground. I spent a few years and gave up many times but damned if it didn't all work out. I tried various other sites but always came back to MM because of the quality. Thank you all so much and if we can ever be of help you have us on your side.

I sent Stacey the initial email and heard back from her the next day. We kind of chit-chatted through the site only for a couple of days then decided to meet for a late lunch on a Sunday afternoon at a local restaurant close to both of us.

When we first saw each other we were immediately both attracted, very skeptical but also very comfy talking about anything and everything. We sat and talked for hours then parted to think about everything. We ended up texting back and forth that night for 4 more hours. Monday rolled around I had to drive to Houston for 3 days for work but we continued to talk and made dinner plans for Thursday when I returned. While in Houston on Tuesday I invited to fly her down ( From Dallas) to join me at the Astro's game that night and drive back with me Wednesday. She ended up coming down and we had a fantastic time and a very nice easy trip back to Dallas that seemed to go way too quick.

Stacey and I were able to be so openly honest and were able to tell all our good, bad and ugly stories to each other so we could both make the best decisions for us and our families. After we returned I had a family trip planned for a week then she had one too that she had to go on the day before I got back from mine, so after our first 4 days together we were apart for 13 straight days. Neither of us knew if the sparks would reignite when we met again but boy did they.

We both have no desire to get married again at this time, we both have done it twice but we are both very happy we found each other and we were only 8 miles apart. Without you we would never have met but since then it's like all the pieces are coming together and I can't wait to leave my office and go see her.

Thanks again and I hope I never have to use your site again.