I met the man of my dreams the first day I was on

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barcelona64, Paradise Valley, AZ, United States
Dear Millionaire Match,

My story begins with a very elaborate and detailed list. For the past few years, I have looked at myself through the most honest of eyes. In doing so it allowed me to then create my ideal partner. Not perfect you see, yet perfect for me.

The list was suited to my needs and wants. Needless to say...it was long. I have nothing against the online dating web sites. I just didn't feel it was for me, always telling my friends that I'll meet men the traditional ways. From out of no where, without any hesitations...my analytical devices turned off for the first time ever.
I opened my laptop and proceeded to fill out a profile on your site, I completed it without much thought to what I wrote.

Then I looked at a few men, emailed two. One was "him", he winked back and the rest is history. Not only is he everything and then some on the "list" but he and I are virtually cut from the same cloth, even looking similar.
Fate yes...destiny yes...a higher power most definitely.

So without you as the portal-the door we never would have found one another. We are going to Paris in less then two weeks for romance, love and fun.

Thank again for providing this service, again without you and the other interventions I (we) would not be living our dream today. I have recommended your specific site to others that I have shared our "love story" with.

Best Regards,