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GratefulOne, Boulder, CO, United States

I'd love to provide a testimonial about your site. It's really interesting... I was on MM about 3 years ago for about a month... met 3 of my very best friends today on your site, although I didn't "date" any of them. I went back on about 2 months ago and seriously met the man of my dreams. He's amazing and we're so in love.

I have a yacht in the British Virgin Islands. Last month I took the boat out for about 10 days, with four guys. Three of the four I met on MM. Two of them were friends from 3 years ago, and one was my new sweetheart. He moved in with me just after the trip. It's funny... as we were sailing around together we realized that 4 of the 5 of us on the boat met because of Millionaire Match. Thank you for providing such a great site. I am so grateful!