I met someone from your website and now am seriously dating her!

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EthanAdventurer, Winston Salem, NC, United States
Regarding my girlfriend, she was listed in my compatible matches. I sent her an email, and we started corresponding. This leads to some very good phone conversations, and ultimately I decided to buy a plane ticket and go visit her in Montreal. Since then she has been to visit me twice, staying for several days at a time. We are currently planning a trip to Maui in August, and a meeting with the parents in September...so all going very well. We both believe we are the perfect match for one another. I know she does not mind me telling you this, but she is Viangel from your site. My relationship is serious and we have already been talking about marriage...but need a little more time together.

I actually conversed with quite a few people on your site, and it is by far the best site I have used. Match.com has too many scammers and people in general who are not serious. Eharmony wants to match you with who THEY think is best...not you. I think the fact that you take the time to verify pics, income, and education means that you reduce the chance of having scammers on your site. And the women are serious...not simply looking for millionaires but they want some one who is successful and real...and I wanted to find some one who was "real" as well. Truthfully, I emailed and talked with several high quality women from your site...I was really impressed!

Keep doing and encouraging the verification process...I really think that most women are not looking for a "millionaire" as much as they are looking for a man who is successful and has a real job. I am a physician not a wealthy businessman...I don't own a yacht and travel on commercial (not private jets). Ha. No one I met seemed to care...or maybe I just attracted this type of person...at any rate, I appreciate your website.

Thanks again,