I met a wonderful man on the site

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lovintheoutdoors, United States
We are corresponding now, phone, email. We started in late April or thereabouts. First some emails, getting to know what we were looking for and likes. Our history's, our value system and must haves. Basically no games, straight honesty and no wasting time. After he is back from his trip he will come to my area to meet me. 10 days? I will pick him up at the airport. I don't serial date and we sound/speak great together. So we are taking it seriously.

Advice to other members:

Tips? Not sure, I know I ask all the questions I want on email and eliminate myself by telling him all about me. Is he wanting arm candy? I'm out. Is he looking for a younger woman and he is older, I'm out. Email is not as intimidating as in person, you can be honest with no feedback right away, there is little investment if you get rebuffed. And saves kissing one more frog ! Ask. Ask. Ask. And be honest. Unless you are a game player, then play away, you get what you ask for.