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buehla, Bellingham, WA, United States
We only talked for about a week, for about 5 hours a day, and then decided to just meet, and get it over with. I had already seen pictures of him, but when I saw him in person, he took my breath away. I am very out going and over the top, and for someone to stop me dead in my tracks means that is chemistry. Strong chemistry. I don't believe in love at first site, but I think this meeting changed my mind. I don't dare tell him that though.

We met in my town Bellingham, and he rented a hotel in my town, and we hung out for 3 days during the days, and we went our seperate ways at night. I appreciate that he is a very strong Christian with similar morals and values as I. We decided to go to dinner right away when he came to town, and at dinner I asked him for a kiss, I couldn't wait, and he gladly accepted, and it was if fireworks went off, and the old fashion lift your leg while kissing took place. It was awesome. We plan to hang out this week, and for Halloween weekend. Its all very exciting.

We have not even talked about marriage. It scares both of us actually. LOL