I love your site! You do a lot of great things!

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tvlandgirl, Charlotte, NC, United States
I love your site! You do a lot of great things!

- You do a great job with the look of the site... the way you present the
profiles, the pictures.
- I also like when I go into my favorites, you show who is online
- Another great job that you do is the chat in terms of when multiple
people are IMing you you can't miss one becase of the way you have to
press the sidebar to continue and the way the new IMer pops up in front of
the others. This is very good!
- Lastly, I love that I do not have to sign onto the site in order to get
mail. I think the fact that you have it sent automatically to our e-mail is
great! Thanks!

I have already recommended your site to several friends. You have a lot of
quality people on here. Hope it stays that way!

Best of luck,