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PinotEnvy and AustraliaLady, California, United States
I have found the woman I believe to be the love of my life from the other side of the world. I regularly used the site's advanced search features and was surprised to receive all the messages I did receive. And such great quality in your
membership. But my ONE love found me all the way from Australia and is on her way to Orange County, CA to relocate and start our life together.

Really great results and I was able to find a true world-class woman. Victoria has published best selling books, is a TV personality on several networks, and is a thought leader in business coaching and corporate reorganization. And more importantly, she's beautiful, hillarious, and a wonderful mother of a wonderful 11 year old boy.

I should have paid 1,000 times more for your service - this was the bargain of the century. Thank you very much.