I have been matched with the perfect guy. And we're happy, thanks to you guys, so I think it's time for me to fly.

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XoKarinaa, Conshohocken, PA, United States
We spoke via E-mail for about a week, we kept it simple and to the point. Also there was no shyness involved, we were both open and honest ever since day one. He is funny, and charismatic.

After E-mailing we switched to the phone, texting when busy, and talking when not, all for two weeks.

We went out on our first date in NJ and the second one was in Pennsylvania. Like attracted like, and I fell instantly for him.

Every time we see each other it feels like the first day all over again, and even though we're two hours apart and frequent to see each other every other week, we agreed to stay in touch with all the forms of communication. We have been together for six months now, all I did was keep it simple. Be honest and we trust each other. Full on dating has turned into a commitment. We already are moving in together, we are engaged and I am planing on finishing school, which will lead to our wedding next year.

Advice to other members:

Be honest and trust each other.