I found the most wonderful woman that I have ever met

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We started chatting on line on October 4th. I sent her a very short email but because she lives in Illinois and I live in california I really did not think much about it working long term. I sent the email to be funny. Mary actually responded to me in a casual way and that started our online chatting. After about a month she sent me her phone number and we started talking and less emails. About two weeks later she wanted me to visit her at her home and I very much wanted to. So, the Saturday after Thanksgiving I flew to St Louis where she picked me up at the airport and that was the first time we actually met. It was a one of a kind lifes experience, we felt like we had been together for years already. It was so comfortable and she is such a wonderful woman that we simply got closer over the next few days and we continue to fall more in love. Funny story, when she picked me up at the airport, we went to get lunch and then went for an ice cream. In the ice cream store we were having such fun that a random person asked us if we were married. This was after only being together for 2 hours. (We did have some good laughs with the customer that asked us the question) But it speaks loudly about how comfortable we were after only a couple hours together.

Advice to other members:

If I had any advice to anyone on your service it would be to stay true to there core of what they are looking for and look for a "real person" like I have found. they really do exist. I have the most fabulous woman in the world and thank you for providing us the location and opportunity to meet eachother.
Let me know if you would like to know anything else. thanks again