I found love on this site.

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I found love on this site. We won't be getting married just yet but since I am a one-man woman. I will keep to this one until further notice.

I enjoyed every moment being on the site. I enjoyed the communication made with everyone and now that I have made a choice, its time to go.

I do appreciate the time I was allowed to use this site. I am very grateful for the encounters and more especially this special encounter that is allowing me to make my personal choice of leaving. The site was very successful and if I stay I will get more prospects which I don't need now. Thank and praise God for my success and the success of your site. I found a true millionaire, with money, with a super heart and one who knows how to treat a woman like a princess.

You've been great. Your support and hints of how to behave and get on with the people who contact us. The offer to help if we were not in good experiences. You did a lot and that is why I referred other people who may need this site to you.

Advice to other members:

My experience on the site was a uccess. Imagine that I was only in the basic group and I got five contacts..... all of whom contacted me first. I only posted a photo two days ago. Now I am happy to leave because I have chosen one. Sorry I could not choose all. That is LIFE!

Thanks again and good luck with the others. May they find the joy that they seek.