I found MillionaireMatch and within 3 months found the man

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ABlueMarlin, Greenbrae, CA, United States
I was on another dating site on and off for years, 15 probably. I found MillionaireMatch and within 3 months found the man. I lived in Newport Beach ca and he in south Barrington IL. We fell in love over the phone, knew we would be together. met in Vegas had the penthouse suite for 3 days, then I flew to Chicago to his home for 2 weeks....then went home and got ALL my things and shipped them out. AND here I am with the man of my dreams. We were both into health/alternative eating, I grew up organic girl and my parents owned a big tofu business and he is the number one alternative medicine internet marketing guy/doctor. I am an interior designer and was working a job in Maui and he goes to Maui for the winters. We both eat and did healthy things, but were high maintenance/ liking nice lifestyle clean cut people.
My name online was A Blue Marlin and his was Maui Waves....pretty funny huh?

I am now living here in South Barrington redoing his home, while building a home in Maui.....Couldn??t ask for more then love, but ALL the rest is just fabulous!!!!!