I am in a relationship, from your site. :)

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ve****af, Illinois, United States
I met Dennis back in October, and we sent many emails back and forth. We began to look forward to hearing from each other on a daily basis. Neither of us thinking at the time that anything would come from it. He is California, I'm in Illinois. However we both knew right away that we had great conversations, and a lot in common.

After about a month of emails, we wanted to talk on the phone. Once we started talking, I don't think we ever stopped laughing, our personalities meshed, we both have a great respect for one another and ended up on the phone sometimes for hours a day. So after about a month of talking on the phone, we decided to meet. It was magical. Both of us feeling awestruck and wondering how this happened. He is literally the greatest man I have ever met. He's almost as funny as I am, he's dependable, loving, and caring. This truly has been a perfect match and strong connection. We've got many years of happy times ahead of us.

Thank you so much.

Advice to other members:

My tips: be yourself, know what you want, and when you get a great man like mine, don't let him go!