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le****ye, White Rock, BC, Canada
I'm currently speaking with one Gold Member right now. In our initial emails nearly 18 months ago and recent chats, we discovered that we share many of the same experiences and cultural backgrounds. It has taken a long time for both of us to find partners but we seemed to magically click instantly when we first wrote to one another despite the long distance.

I am here in White Rock, BC [West Coast] and he is based in Manchester, CT [East Coast]. We are making plans to see each other soon to spend some quality time together and he has even asked me to consider moving to CT - not only for work opportunities, but that he wants to catch up on the 50 years that he missed and have 50 plus more with me.

A very romantic statement to make, but feel very positive of my connection with him. We are discussing hiding our profiles from others to give our friendship and pending relationship some time to grow and flourish.

Good night and thanks for the advice.