Found my match - thank you :-)

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Hunter509, Georgia, United States
I met my match after about 10 days on the site. I continued to keep corresponding with others but my connection started to grow predominantly out of emails exchanged back and forth over the MM system. The way her profile was written and the way she expressed herself in her communication really connected with me. I wrote my profile in such a way that I would know if the woman responding to me understood what I was looking for in a woman. My eventual match did recognize my message clearly. We transitioned off of emails to phone calls within about 8 days. We then converted over to our own personal emails...we both did backgrounds on each other and continued to correspond covering a myriad of topics. We connected so I flew from Atlanta to Indianapolis to meet her. While tentative at first for obvious reasons we quickly picked up where we left off previously and had a phenaomenal weekend...and we text and talk each day. I will be seeing her again in a few weeks. Great prospective :-) So it has been about a month now. Thanks...while there are a number of women on the site from countries like Russia and China appearing to want a green card...on the whole the quality of the women on this site is far and above any other dating sites I've been on. In fact I won't ever use the other dating sites again. You do a good quality job of attracting the right people - more sophisticated.