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gr*****10 and Andrea282, Spokane, United States
A fairytale story....myself here in America, Andrea from China, we wrote for six weeks and then I flew to China to stay for 1 month to see if we are indeed a match, we both discovered we are a true match, we had a lot of fun in China where I got to meet her entire family, see all the local sights together as Andrea was my tour guide for the month I was there and we have been writing daily and talking once a week since I came back from China and will continue until we can get through the immigration process and get Andrea over here, we are engaged to be married and very IN LOVE!!

I looked in off and on for the last ten years with no luck! And on your site for a very short time.....Andrea is the one, what a beautiful thing we have, Andrea is so happy and I am also. She has a great family that wishes us well and my family is looking forward to meeting her, I will fly back for two weeks after Thanksgiving, and will continue to visit every two months until we get through he immigration period and Andrea moves here, then we will bring her 15 year old daughter here to live with us, her daughter Holly is very happy for us, and she is excited to come here to the USA and learn another culture!!

In one word this whole experience is AWESOME! Should we write a BOOK? It feels like we should, to all those who are looking NEVER give up, it took me ten years, and I do not regret a second of it, I always felt that in time, I would find my bride, as I have never been married and always wanted to be, the spirit of the Chinese Woman was were I needed to be looking, and I found her.......KEEP LOOKING!

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