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A good friend of mine told me about your website and wanted me to take a look at a few of the women he was interested in. I tried to sign on but found out I had to join in order to see the photos. In looking at the photos of some of the local women I came across a photo of a woman I recognized but then I couldn't find her photo a second time. Out of curiosity I wanted to see her photo again so I entered her demographics but at that point couldn't locate here face a second time. I signed off on my computer and kind of forgot about the website. Three days later I received an email from a completely different woman who apparently met the demographics of the person I was first looking for, and this new person was interested in me. At that time in my life, which was early January, I really wasn't interested in meeting anyone, certainly not a woman who was possibly looking for a serious relationship, and certainly not a woman close to my own age of 57, which were two of the demographics in her profile. Still, out of curiosity I responded. We exchanged a few emails and seemed to connect on some important basic values. She told me she lived in New Jersey and was going to be visiting her brother in Miami and perhaps we could meet. One week and two emails later we spoke by phone. Three days later we met for a drink and ended up spending nearly twelve hours together. I politely said goodnight, drove home, and had a very sound sleep that night. The next morning I woke up with a strange but very optimistic feeling. My thought was that in a moment in my life when I was truly not looking for any type of serious relationship I had actually met someone I thought I might be able to spend many years together with. Two months have gone by. We spent several weeks together at my home in Florida, she returned to New Jersey where I visited her a week later, and now she is back in Florida at my home again. We have plans to travel to several exotic locations in the next six weeks followed by who knows what.

Advice to other members:

If I had to give some tips I would suggest people should not have expectations. Be open to all possibilities. Sometimes you don't really know what or who it is that will make you happy. Take a chance and you might be very pleasantly surprised.