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We have reconnected after thinking the distance would not work because of he not having a newly issued Visa...  (Dating)
Farrah2004 and Nzman81, Chicago, IL, United States, Nov 28, 2013
Daniel was one of my first profiles that he said caught his attention. I was also interested in him, and enjoyed his profile and picture. We started emailing on MMs website and he added me as a favorite as I also did, after that we gave each other our personal info. He called me, we hit it off instantly! We were talking so much he said he was falling in love w/me, and then that he wanted to share his life with me!! I couldn't believe that I felt the SAME! We planned how we would get together, and he just started referring to me as his Goddess girlfriend, & that he would treat me like the Princess I was and he wanted to take care of me, that I was the woman of his dreams. He was supposed to call one night and I fell asleep, when I woke I realized he hadn't called, he hadn't written in 3 days or called. I finally wrote him asking if somthing was wrong, he finally called and said after thinking about our distance and possible Visa issues, he thought if he stopped communicating with me we would get over each other, this angered me because we always discussed everything together, and I said you just left without even saying goodbye and why couldn't we try and work on it? The point was mute. I grieved for a long time, but finally let a soft spoken young, good looking Doctor court me, this was becoming serious and he wanted only me, he is kind and generous and many girls were interested in him, but it was me that he wanted. He also wanted to share everything with me to the point of paying for an elected surgery if I REALLY WANTED IT!!! I told him I would think about it..... I was very happy and I thought Daniel and I could at least be friends and told him of my new situation. Well I awoke to a VERY furious Email from him. I was not trying to hurt him, I even enquired about his luck on the site, I did tell him I still thought of him and I was angry with myself for doing this because he said he hated me. This crushed me and prompted me to write an apology to him and asked that he not hate me, that it really affected me. He wrote back saying he was very sorry, but the thought of me with someone else angered him a lot, and that he stopped talking to anyone for a while, but had not met anyone he even considered spending his life with, he also said he could not stop thinking of me and that he didn't hate me, he could never hate me. This came as a shock to me, he also said he still wanted me very badly and could we try to figure things out together? I asked him to call me and gave him my cell phone number again because I thought it may have changed since our last conversation, he said it hadn't and that he had saved it, I was amazed, he said sweetheart I will call you in the morning, I was very happy!! In my morning, he hadn't called, he Emailed me that the night before he had been attacked and jumped, as he fought back, there were three of them and Daniel is very tall and muscular but not bulky. He said he doesn't remember much else but waking up in hospital with a broken Orbital and broken facial wounds, he said it is not pretty and wishes I was there, this frightend me and emailed him directly two or three times, telling him how helpless I feel and that I would never let anything happen to him again, I am just as I am writing this to you guys worrying about Daniel, I keep checking my email for his reply or his phone call I told him to make at any hour of the day just so I can hear his beautiful accented voice. Please keep him in your prayers, he is no longer on the site but the fact remains the same, without MM I would have never ever have met Daniel Clearwater formally in LA but unfortunately back in New Zealand, I hope his condition improves quickly and we will find someway to actually see each other face to face, if there is ANYTHING AT ALL you guys can do to make our wish a reality, that would be like the ULTIMATE DREAM come true!!

Thank you so much,

Susannah Greene and Daniel Clearwater

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