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Found my dream girl  (Dating)
removed_LovetoLaugh2032 and Tbeau22, Manchester, United States, Oct 12, 2013
I joined (Gold) less than a week ago and I have already found my dream girl! I knew she was special from our very first phone call that lasted almost 2 hours. I met her in person today and she is more than I could ever ask of anyone. The chemistry is so right for both of us.

We met at Intervale Country Club in Manchester, NH and had coffee and breakfast for more than 2 hours. We were so comfortable with each other and happy that we decided to go to a movie where just being close her felt great. We are getting together tomorrow and I will surprise her with a suggestion for our 2nd date.

I'm usually more reserved than this but I was smitten (to fill somebody with love or longing)! I really think she is the one for me.

Advice to other members:

Don't overdue emails. Get on the phone and talk and if sounds good go and meet them. You won't ever find someone if you spend your time on the sideline.

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